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    question about AOS essays

    I also studied Robert Frost's anthology of poems. In my experience, it's helpful to know key quotes from all 6 poems for internal assessments as they can sometimes specify (e.g. blah blah blah... To what extent does Home Burial, ONE other poem from Robert Frost's anthology of poems and ONE text...
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    Atar Estimate Pls, can I get 99.5+?

    Is your ATAR based more on your ranks and school rank than your actual marks? I really don't understand this.
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    Existentialism Related Texts?

    Hey everyone, I've got an oral task coming up soon about existentialism. I need some related texts! Does anyone know any (not the generic ones such as Stranger by A. Camus)? Thank you! P.S. Year 11.
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    Whats the best tutoring centre you've been to?

    Really? Do they also tutor for MX1?
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    General thoughts: Earth and Environmental Science 2015

    Hey, I'm doing preliminary EES. I was just wondering what schools you went to because literally no school teaches this subject!