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    FML my sem 1 2011 timetable is a piece of shit thread

    lol. i went to arts orientation today. met some crazy people. not in the good way.
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    PHL132 or PHL137?

    ive actually already chosen. but was interested in peoples opinions.
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    Can a first year do a 200 level unit under special circumstances?

    Just to clarify if anyone happens to chance upon this thread later wanting an answer to my question... I was able to enrol in the 200 level units, but only after multiple visits to a French professor. The first time, we conversed a while in French and she agreed that I was competent enough to...
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    PHL132 or PHL137?

    Which should I do? They both look rather interesting but I can't figure out what I'd actually enjoy more. Thoughts from people who've done these??
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    Student cards.

    It was in the room opposite where you got your card, albeit badly labelled. I only managed to get the sticker by following other people awkwardly...
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    Do we HAVE to have a mentor?

    It's not a requirement anywhere in writing, but if you can find someone I'd highly recommend it. Shop around...ask people you know if they know someone who'd be genuinely interested in helping out a student with a creative piece. I never really set out wanting a mentor, but it just so turned out...
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    How to pick up French quickly?

    I've had a lot more experience in French than German, but I reallly think the similarities between French and English are much more vast. For example- some of the words I just used in my previous sentence are practically the same in French with the same meaning! Experience = expérience...
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    Can a first year do a 200 level unit under special circumstances?

    Cool. I shall do exactly that. Cheers!
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    Can a first year do a 200 level unit under special circumstances?

    Thanks guys! Is anyone doing/has done any 200 lvl and could tell me what they have and haven't covered?
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    Can a first year do a 200 level unit under special circumstances?

    I'm enrolled in a BA, and I want to major in French Studies. However on my gap year I studied French intensely for 4 months and have maintained a good level of written and conversational French, so it seems a bit pointless to do FRN119 or any of the other introductory 1st year courses. Can I...
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    How hard is eng ext 2??

    just wait till you're juggling IP, GP and theory. Definitely the most stressful subject for me.
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    How hard is eng ext 2??

    Depends what you mean by 'hard'. If you're definition of hard is along the lines of effort = difficulty, then I guess you could say it is hard. There's alot of time that goes into formulating the work. I had 5 majors in the HSC, and I personally found Ext 2 the most fulfilling. Once you're...
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    avoiding cliche

    Yeah, sounds more like a novel or an epic- how are you going to fit this into the alotted word amount? Sadly, I'm still not convinced. I understand if you want to write about something you feel strongly about or feel like you truly understand- there's nothing stopping you. It's true what...
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    Belonging Creative:- Is this a narrative or not?

    I'm of the opinon this viewpoint is a little pessimistic. There are definitely some boundaries you have in the HSC context- but if you write something completely outstanding, yet it breaks the conventions of normality depended on by the markers- you'll still get a good mark at the end of the...
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    Looking for past multimedia works.

    There's a science fiction website either int he 2008/2007 BOS showcase on this site (that's in the Major Works subforum thingy). If you can be bothered to pore through them, you'll definitely find it. From what I can remember it's fantastic- and the guy got 50/50, so a great example for a...