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    English Assignment

    Mate, I do adv English at all saints too. It doesn't matter if you take the term "journey" literally or metaphorically as long as you do it well. That what Mr feggans said. Literal journeys can have transformative impacts as well.
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    Which of these subjects do I need to apply myself the hardest in order to well and score a 95+ atar and which one can i just bludge a bit.

    Advanced English Ext English Modern History PDHPE Studies of Religion 1 unit Legal Studies Business Studies
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    How can I be more organised in Year 11?

    I want to be more organised since its year 11 and everything counts
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    Book suggestions

    oi sam ill give u suggestions of u ask at school
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    What can I expect from Extension English 1 in year 11?

    I think i miswrote it I just wanna know what type of content to expect genius
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    What can I expect from Extension English 1 in year 11?

    I want to go to Usyd and study law/politics and want to know what to expect from people who have done it.
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    Is it worth it doing Extension English

    I am in year 10 and I'm thinking about doing extension English but I'm not sure if it'll be worth it. From your personal experience, how did you fare in extension English and even if you didn't do it can you give me advice because I want to pursue a law/arts degree at Usyd and believe it will be...
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    Is this a good subject list if I want to study law/arts after uni I am currently in year 10 and want to choose the best possible subjects Religion 1 unit Eng adv 2 unit modern history 2 unit business studies 2 unit Economics 2 unit Legal studies 2 unit PDHPE 2 unit
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    what is the definition validity, reliability, and accuracy for science

    Hey Im confused about this can anyone help thanks