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    Help with these fractions..=S

    I get you =] Thanks heaps.
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    Help with these fractions..=S

    Thanks heaps. But I'm not sure whether I understand the working out towards the answer. The answer seems right I just don't get how you got there. In particular "6x + 10x + 5x / 30 = x - 18 (through LCD and all that)" =S may have to elaborate a bit as I haven't done maths in a long time...
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    Help with these fractions..=S

    I am assuming that they are given away from the original number of apples as the question states: "Eric had a box of apples. He gave 1/5 to so and so, 1/3 to someone else and a 1/6 to another person. There were still 18 apples remaining in the box. How many apples were there originally?"...
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    Help with these fractions..=S

    I have just started a degree in primary teaching and we have to pass a maths test to get in and on the sample test papers this question had me stumped, it is probably very simple to do I just cannot remember how to do it. So and so gave away 1/5, 1/3 and 1/6 of his apples, 18 apples remain. So...
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    UTS Kuringai

    what course?
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    yeah I did. that sucks, hope you get in in the late round then! did you get any other acceptance?

    yeah I did. that sucks, hope you get in in the late round then! did you get any other acceptance?
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    Uai 80-89

    Adv. Eng - 82 CAFS - 92 IPT - 85 Society&Culture - 85 Hospo - 85 UAI: 83.3 sigh.
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    UTS Kuringai

    Anyone going?
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    get into kuringai?

    get into kuringai?
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    Post Your 2009 University Offers Here! (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    Bach of Education in Primary Ed at UTS kuringai campus =D
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    Which uni will you be going and what course?

    That's what I'm doing =] Did you get in?
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    Exam Thoughts

    the whole paper was great! the westernisation question was the only one that had me just blabbering on about nothing. Popular culture q. a) was so good! Allowed you to talk about everything really. And Equal. and Difference q. a) was also great! Very general. It's over!! WOO! Burn tonight =D
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    Multiple Choice

    yeah, damn. Dunno what I was thinking.
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    what you think easy yer??

    yeah, i said dept of housing too. I said that in the multiple choice forum. I think it was an alright exam. Although I don't know if I wrote enough for the social impact 15 mark question - roles and responsibilities or something, only a few pages of bs. What groups did everyone choose in the...
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    Multiple Choice

    ah crap your right..it's a one year old, haha damn =]