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im into art, photography, history ( sorta lol ), poetry, and textiles :D woot lol im a loud person in class unless the subject intrests me im alright sometimes i guess :S it turns people off :O

hobbies !? interests !? yes ... but it will no longer be a hobbie only an interest thing lingers on my soul
reading some where lmao =]
Custom Subtitle
=] ITs OnLY mE
Academic Programme
art, photography, Cooking, English, Math, Science, History, PD/H/PE
Educational Institution
Woolgoolga High School
Political Views
Favourite Music
um dont have a fav lol
Favourite TV Shows
simpsons, friends, that 70's show, two and a half men annndddd nieghbours
Favourite Movies
KUNG FU PANDA :D twilight, resident evil (1,2) uhmm that 70's show, two and a half men, simpsons, futurama, scrubs, family guy, etc etc
Favourite Books
The Tomorrow Series <3

<3 twilight , new moon (yet to read the other books) <3

the elli chronicals :O
Favourite Quote
"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."- william shakespeare - romeo and juliet <3
none yet... i have to wait till after the holz to
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Arts/Entertainment/Sport & Rec, Education, Fashion/Beauty, Graphic Design/Multimedia


Poetry isn't just writting, its an expression, a passion.

Love Is Like A Star, you Know That Reaching It Is Impossible, But you Keep Reaching, Hoping That One Day, It Will Fall For you... :read:

"it just flows like the water droplets of Niagara Falls "- jamie.




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