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Recent content by B.O.R.E.D.

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    What subjects will you pick next year?

    hmm, katie didn't tell me this. Looks like i won't be going with that idea ahaha.
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    STUCK!- Speech/Exposition.

    Thanks, i don't have to stand up and speak it so im all good with that, Thanks for the help( again haha ) i was thinking about the swine flu, Overreaction or Underreaction
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    STUCK!- Speech/Exposition.

    In my english class we currently have to write a speech/exposition 1000-1500 (not long enough if you ask me), im stuck for topic ideas... good ones that is. I had a few ideas but i wasn't sure, i want this one to be good. I want to show my teacher how good i can be.
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    What subjects will you pick next year?

    I want to take: English General, Advanced Maths, Art, Photography, Extension Maths and English. thats it so far [=
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    wrists ...friend

    =] i understand jamie, i have a similar problem only it was my little sister and she blackmailed me >.<
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    aww thank you <333

    aww thank you <333
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    neg rep'n me ? wow i applaud you

    neg rep'n me ? wow i applaud you
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    twilight series

    im not obsessed anymore, i'm over people bitching and obsessing over it to. its just a shit house move... that could be way better =) hopefully the next one is better. I enjoyed the books more, to me it doesnt ruin vampires, it opens my imagination, who would have thought the possibility of good...
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    Poem - plz read

    ahhh katie my dear friend, always trying to help my intellectual well being. As you would know katie i did happen to have wrote this towards the end of last year (year 9), i have improved muchly since, for example im using more grammar now =) and thank you all for your help i am working on my...
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    "teen love"

    i agree with that, and many other posts. I agree on the fact that it depends on the individual and maturity level. Im kinda agreeing on both sides but i think im safe in saying as ive already said it depends on the indivivual and maturity level.
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    LMFAOO! nice one lol, i've heard it before i think.
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    yer . i kno right.
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    lmao poor u
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    lmao :P