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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    It would definitely be a good idea to look at Trench's 'Introduction to Real Analysis' which you can get for free online here: - this was a recommended text for MATH1116. The first four chapters of Trench would be useful for 1115 and...
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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    The lecture notes are free and given out by the lecturers gradually throughout the semester, so everyone gets them. A lot of the calculus half of the course is introducing real analysis in a rigorous theorem-proof way and goes into even more detail in MATH1116 in second semester, which isn't...
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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    Hey, I've just finished my first year studying mathematics at the ANU, also originally from NSW, and completed MATH1115 earlier this year. The lecture notes that are provided by the lecturers would definitely suffice to do well in the course, but they do recommend buying the two prescribed...
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    Official BOS Trial 2016 Thread

    I'll be coming. PM sent.