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Recent content by benn07

  1. benn07

    Accommodation Internet?

    Hey, I don't live at Weerona, but at another campus, but we all have the same internet. Everywhere internet is a very very very bad ISP, it is quite slow to what you're probably used to. They only offer standard plans at around $15 per week for 4gb, $30 for a month or 15gb, or $150 for 6 months...
  2. benn07

    Topics for '09

    My focus thing is: "Blood diamonds- cover up" i thought we were supposed to have a question but apparently we dont need one, just a bunch of focus questions/inquiry things. Help anyone? I have only just started writing mine and its due at the end of this term!
  3. benn07

    Topics for '09

    You should do the diamond wars! I'm doin that too, got a heaps big resource list! although im a bit confused about it, lucky ive still got another term before its due! Lol i just got a book from WA about it!
  4. benn07

    2009ers: Year 12 Jerseys

    Can anyone suggest a good company that will do our jerseys?
  5. benn07


    Weve done exactly the same, and are using the same text plus Excel food technology. basically what we do is go into the classroom sit down and copy notes from the textbook lol, but it seems to work!
  6. benn07

    What are YOUR privileges for being a senior at YOUR school?

    We just get different ties... lame
  7. benn07

    How do we actually study for Extension History?

    Im totally confused as well, like we just debate in our lessons, but i think im starting to get that its about perspectives?
  8. benn07

    best cure for acne?what causes acne?

    I took roaccutane! It works if your willing to put up with the side effects/pay the costs, but it has to be bad i think, i didnt think mine was that bad, but yeah its gone now. I had to get blood tests every month just to make sure i wasnt getting damaged on the inside, and it was recommended...
  9. benn07

    UOW Discovery Day

    Woo today was heaps awesome! I figured out what i wanna do now! I did marketing, why do australians in hollywood need an american accent and the media creative arts one. The creative arts one was crap, alls we did was make an animation flip book!
  10. benn07


    Hahaha we had to do a trial on the clip things, they are soooo bloody stupid! I'm suprised PETA didn't go all crazy about the pollution that could be generated from the clips. When all of the whole mulesing debate started i wrote a letter to PETA and they couldn't even come up with a good reply...
  11. benn07

    driving test hints?

    The driving test was soo easy for me! Do the test in a country town, your almost certian to pass! I just had to drive around for 30 min, do a three point turn in a REALLY wide street, and do a kerbside stop. I even pulled out in front of someone because i didnt see them, and the lady just said...
  12. benn07

    Favourit period

    Whoa, my school doesnt do double periods, and u can only have a max of 2 or 3 studies a day, but 1st period is like a double cause it goes for 70! Well mine would have to be studies, or Food Tech, cause its soooo easy and we get to eat and go on mad as excursions!
  13. benn07

    UOW Discovery Day

    is anyone else doing 'the iphone game'? hahahaa i am for the last two things, and i have no idea what it is, it just seemed cool!
  14. benn07

    UOW Discovery Day

    Yep, going on Wednesday!! Grrr i have to get up at like 5:30-6:00am, but we dont have to wear uniform!!
  15. benn07

    Bored of Studies blocked through NSW DET proxy?

    lol try going through a catholic schools filter!