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    Edrolo (will pay)

    Hi, My school won't pay for edrolo (I'm doing physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics adv+ext1, eng adv). If anyone here has an edrolo account, I would be willing to paypal you for access. Thanks.
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    Science Extension Tutoring?

    I couldn't find WSU science extension lectures on YouTube. Could you send a link?
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    Science Extension Tutoring?

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can offer Science Extension tutoring. Thanks so much.
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    Complex Number Proofs

    Hey could someone provide proofs for all of the following? (from syllabus)
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    Are your Marks Actually Affected by Your School?

    So I've heard that if your cohort (in your school year) does better externally, everyone's internal marks (assessment mark) get "pulled up", which is why you should help people in your year. However, I've also heard that the school you go to should not disadvantage/advantage the...
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    HSC Mark Alignment?

    Does anyone know if all marks are worth the same in the alignment process? I'm reading and apparently there's "Weighted Raw Mark" and "Unweighted Raw Mark"? What does this mean? Also, how exactly do they convert the English raw mark out of 105 to a HSC mark out of 100...
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    Looking for English Tutoring (New Syllabus)

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced english tutor for 1 on 1 lessons, who is familiar with the new 2019 HSC syllabus. An HSC marker would be great too. I live in the Hills area. Please PM me/reply if you are available.
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    Preliminary Physics 2019 Syllabus

    Hi Does anyone have resources (past papers, notes, etc.) for the new preliminary Physics syllabus?