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Recent content by bitchgirl

  1. bitchgirl

    Which University?

    im doing it at UWS *sigh*...all my friends are either private college/tafe/other uni's i don't wanna make new friends :(
  2. bitchgirl

    hip hop concert

    are they selling it through ticketek? or frontier? im lost
  3. bitchgirl

    hip hop concert

    common and de la soul are having concerts? omg i never heard about it and the concert with mobb deep etc, what's the name of it?
  4. bitchgirl

    hip hop concert

    urrh is there a concert that's gonna happen on jan. next year with lil jon, 50cent gunit etc, i saw something about it on the t.v but i got a glimpse of it, and no im not a groupie
  5. bitchgirl

    The Official Band Dissing Thread

    if black people suck, then the whole race sucks
  6. bitchgirl

    ideas to promote your own website

    its not my site, its one of my friend's site im just helping her out, and to me its like a community site for everything
  7. bitchgirl

    ideas to promote your own website

    i know some forums disabled it from promoting your own site
  8. bitchgirl

    Notes on Augustus

    its not giant essays, just my essays all dumped at once, i probably rushed it all at once by posting in chunks, but some of it is good because i got full marks from my stuff.
  9. bitchgirl

    getting more memory installed in your computer??

    Lately my computer has been running well abit slow compared to when i first bought it, and lately i have been getting pop ups from windows saying windows memories is low, its increasing memory space etc maybe because i have alot of programs installed like; firefox, limewire, photoshop, aim...
  10. bitchgirl

    UAC application

    you get a free cookie if you apply late
  11. bitchgirl

    STAT Test - Discussion & Results

    did anyone got a another stat papers from UAC today???? i don't know what its talking about???
  12. bitchgirl

    Porn industry ready for iPods????!!!

    http://finance.news.com.au/story/0,10166,17253509-462,00.html THE small screen is heating up with a new wave of racy images and film clips making their way to mobile phones and the new video iPods, raising new questions for telecom companies and regulators. Films, television shows and images...
  13. bitchgirl

    STAT Test - Discussion & Results

    who got their stat test back today oh whatever that exams we took with multiply choices and english stuff etc, the one we took it for UWS, well i got mine back today from the mail, i got 67 :(
  14. bitchgirl

    Favourite Ps1 Game?

    lets look back at our favourite ps1 games, when we first played ps1 console long time ago, my favourite ps1 game would be road rash 2, i wish it still sold more, mine is gone :(
  15. bitchgirl

    Official school rankings...sooooo?!?!?!?!?

    Ancient History 6 / 17 English (Standard) 66 / 102 Legal Studies 10 / 15 Modern History 15 / 25 Business Services (no ranks since i do OTEN) Sport Lifestyle and Recreation Studies 2 / 19 i swear to god, how did my english ranks jumped from top 20 for the first half year...