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    Mod B Critical Study of Texts - 2018 Paper 2

    i've got a hunch that they'll chuck in geraldine brooks' A Home in Fiction
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    forward slash for enjambment in quote?

    yup -- if ur using enjambment as a technique in ur analysis, use the forward slash to indicate the presence of the enjambment :D but if ur using a device other than enjambment eg. metaphor, imagery etc, then you don't to forward slash the quote since ur analysis doesnt include enjambment :DD
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    bromine test for unsaturation

    what exactly is the chemical formula for bromine water, as far as the hsc is concerned? bc a number of textbooks/sample answers/other sources denote bromine water as Br2(aq) which is an orange/brown solution, however my teacher says it's BrOH(aq), a pale yellow solution, and that if we don't...
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    found u! ;D

    found u! ;D
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    tutoring for english?

    the brain in hurstville/burwood is also quite nice ^__^
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    Fave 3U topic??

    u have loose screws jathu
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    significance of prelim chem???

    thank u!!! much appreciated!!
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    significance of prelim chem???

    long story short, i was super ceebs w chem throughout the year and upon sitting an exam today, i realised that being ceebs wasnt rlly ideal LOL how significant is prelim chem in the lead up to hsc chem? i often hear peeps saying that it builds the foundations necessary for yr12... so if i fail...
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    technique help

    omission? since the composer is 'omitting' the specific details of the person addressed? idk tho this site might help?
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    Guess this literary technique NOW!

    symbolism? him abandoning the old book for the telephone aligns w how individuals have progressed from traditional pastimes for tech snazzy stuff? idk tho bc i havent read it haha soz
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    2018ers Preliminary Chit Chat Thread

    hey dere prelim peeps!!! gl to you all!!!