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    HSC trials?

    @jazz519 Hi, do you have any tips for physics in terms of memorising the content as well as preparing for the long responses (6 marks and above). I am very confused on how to answer the long responses properly to get full marks. Really appreciate your insight!
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    To all 2020-ers, can we exchange resources (exam papers, trials, etc) for subjects with new syllabi such as 3u and 4u Maths?

    Hi all, the title pretty speaks for itself. Since 2020 cohort is the first one that is going to sit the new maths syllabus, it is really hard to find resources for topics such as vectors (3u), 3d vectors (4u), differential equation (3u) and so on. If anyone is willing to share their resources...
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    Hard enrichment question from the Cambridge textbook!

    Could someone please help me with the following question? I have no idea how to approach it. Thank you!
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    Questions about the sample paper on vectors from

    Hi all, I am having a hard time trying to understand the wording of the following questions. First of all, for part b), I am really confused by what it means by "in the opposite direction of z perpendicular to z". We're talking about only one vector here so how can one vector both in the...
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    Mechanics - Resisted Motion - Getting stuck on the last part (part iv) -Please help!

    Hi there, I am so close to getting over this question but unfortunately I am still getting stuck on the last part. I have tried to a lot of ways but none has worked out. Attached below are the question, the answer to part iv) along with my full working out for the previous parts respectively...
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    I am self-learning mechanics (projectile motion). How do I solve the question below?

    Hi all, I have just learnt the basic of 4u mechanics and I feel quite overwhelmed by the number of formulae I have to remember for this topic. I also don't know which formulae I should use. I am getting stuck on the question below, I got up to the expression linking t and alpha but since I don't...
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    "Describe the motion..." mechanics question

    Oh I understood it now. Thanks for the help!!!
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    "Describe the motion..." mechanics question

    Hi all, I am a bit confused by the last part of the following question. I wonder whether the velocity will ever each 0 or not. The thing is v=cos^2(x) which means when x=pi/2 v=0. However, the expression for x in terms of t is x=tan^-1(t) which means that each will never reach pi/2? If that is...
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    COVID-19 and school closures

    Hi all, hope you have all been well. I wonder if school is still optional next term? What I mean by optional is you don't have to go to school unless you don't have anyone at home to supervise you, exactly like what we are doing at the end of this term. Are they going to keep classes online for...
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    IB Maths Tutor - Sydney

    Not only is Drongoski an excellent tutor but he is also a very kind and accomodating person. He has a profound knowledge of Mathematics, especially topics like Vectors and Simple Harmonics which are often considered as the most difficult areas in the 4u syllabus. His approach to integration is...
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    How do you know when to use u-substitution for integration and what u is? (example included)

    Thank you for your reply. Could you please share with us some of your tips for integration? You seem to be an expert in this area.
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    How do you know when to use u-substitution for integration and what u is? (example included)

    Thank you so much for your reply! Thank you for the insight!
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    How do you know when to use u-substitution for integration and what u is? (example included)

    Hi, the title pretty much speaks for itself. There are so many methods to use in 4u integration so how do you identify when to use u-substitution and what the value of u is? I came across the following question (part c) in which it already hints at using u-substitution and gives you the suitable...