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    Physics Exam Thoughts
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    Band 6 Cutoff?

    where did you get this data from?
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    Band 6 Cutoff?

    I reckon 83
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    2017 HSC Mathematics Paper thoughts

    In the Mc when it asked for P being equidistant from a set of points, what did you guys put?
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    Examination Mark

    Hey, can someone please explain the outcomes of this scenario Person A: Rank 3/35 Person B: Rank 4/35 If person B gets a higher mark than person A in externals: -Does person A get person B's examination mark as their assessment mark? e.g. Person A gets internally 85 and person B gets 84...
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    Atar estimatee

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    Can we use double angle results in a 2 unit exam?

    I got told that we are allowed to use 3u methods but if we get the answer wrong, you aren't awarded any marks for working out
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    Please give me a list of NBN supported modems

    Huawei for TPG
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    PDHPE 2017 Exam thoughts

    was B the one with a distinctive start and end?
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    PDHPE 2017 Exam thoughts

    what do you mean by this?
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    PDHPE 2017 Exam thoughts

    If you include irrelevant dot points you might lose marks depending on contradicting points, not enough depth on what is actually being asked and if markers believe you don't have proper understanding of the points. From what I have gathered, you don't lose marks for messy handwriting unless it...
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    PDHPE HSC 2017 Predictions

    wtaf whatta legend
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    Raw mark cutoff for PE?

    I reckon 70ish raw will get you a B5