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    After trials...?

    apparently even a week is too long cos you'll lose focus etc. so i just had a really good rest for three days and back on track now!
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    How many supplementarys??

    How many supplementary texts would I need for Billy Elliot? PLEASE REPLY ASAP! thanks :)
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    lol 2011er... i didn't evn know about this place til yr11 hahah but srsly. play and enjoy high school life wen u have the time. :)
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    Does God exist?

    Why do people want to create a thread like this in the first place? What's so interesting about finding out who believes in God and who doesn't? Whether you believe in God or not is your own business so just leave it at that. It's not like someone's gonna be converted online.
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    Henry Lawson

    you saved my life :) THANKS HEAPS !
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    2008 Preliminary Roll Call

    ahhh carolyn ! she's in my 3u class.... if shes the right person im talking about haha
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    2008 Preliminary Roll Call

    very VERY late i am :S anyways really ? what's her name ?
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    J.K Rowling- Rags to Riches

    what what ! so are you saying another book might come out ? omg thats good really i was so sad after i finished the 7th book thinking that this was the end ... ehem... but yeah lols
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    2008 Preliminary Roll Call

    GO HSC '09 =) 1. English Standard 2. Maths Extension 1 3. Chemistry 4. Economics 5. Japanese Continuers 6. Music 1
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    Recommended Texbooks/Study Guides for Preliminary HSC?

    Re: Recommended Texbooks/Study Guides? i personally like chemistry contexts for chem and cambridge and maths in focus for maths ext. but really.... past papers are the best for sure !
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    are you dropping

    dropping music and economics for defs ! cannnott handle it :( AND im planning on taking up extension jap -> standard english, maths ext1, jap ext, chem ! ppl, i was wondering. issit really that bad to be doing 10 units? cuz most ppl say its such a dangerous choice....... hmph
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    Change - Related Texts

    Haha dun worry! My school's doing "Away" as well lols. It's a fairly easy play to analyse i reckon..... Everything's just fully about change....