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    Alpha Omega Senior College

    A lot of my friends ended up going there. The general consensus is that if you want to work hard and need the environment to do so, it's the best. Though extracurricular activities are quite lacking as it a new school(around 5 years old).
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    need help with biopol info!!!!!

    Organism Used to Synthesis the Material: Ralstonia eutrophus (formerly Alcaligenes Eutrophus) Production:  In industrial production, Ralstonia eutrophus is grown in an environment high nitrates and phosphates that favourable to its growth to create a very large population of bacteria  When a...
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    seems about right
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    Need HSC Physics Matrix Workbook

    Sweet, pm me
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    Use of White out tape/ liquid white out in HSC exams

    No, it isn't allowed in the exam. Better off to box the answer, then put a single cross through it. So the examiner can read it, and award you marks just in case you get it wrong(if it maths for working out)
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    Early Atar Estimate

    Thanks guys, guess it means I srsly need to pull up my game
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    Early Atar Estimate

    School rank- 20ish Maths Ext 2- 20/72 No of band 6s 20 Maths Ext 1- 14/119 No of band 6s 59 English Adv- 40/180 No of band 6s 49 Chemistry- 3/72 No of band 6s 8 Physics- 7/72 No of band 6s 15 Economics- 2/73 No. of Band 6s 21 Thanks
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    Six people topped the state this year

    Fort street first in state math extension 1 was an accelerated student, just saying xD
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    Looking for maths ext 1 and 2 tutor- tutor at my home strathfield

    My house is a 10 minute walk from Strathfield station. It also has a bus stop outside my house if you decide to catch the bus direct from strathfield station instead I was looking for 3 hours of regular tutoring a week; one day of maths extension 1 (1.5 hours) and the other day maths extension...
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    Related text

    I'm doing The Tempest as my prescribed and I was contemplating on whether Invictus would be a good related for discovery. If so, could some one pm we some extra reading/notes on Invictus Thanks
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    update mis wrote question
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    13. Show that (z − 2) ((z − 2))conjucate = 9 represents a circle in the Argand diagram.
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    Looking for matrix hsc physics theorybook and workbook

    ^ Looking to buy the whole lot for year 12. Willing to pay good money for the entire set. Msg me through pm or my email: