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    Parents reaction to ATAR?

    atar: 94.95 mum: Aw I'm so sorry that you didn't get 95! Sooo close, oh I'm so sorry. me: um it doesn't matter, I got what I needed. mum: oh yes of course not. well done!
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    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    94.95 :D both calculators said 95.5 juts wondering, can i say that i'm in the top 5% of the state? seeing as though it goes up to 99.95?
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    Would like to know more about EAS

    I'm about 95% sure that you don't have to do anything, you're already eligible. I spent ages researching it last night, focusing on UTS, because I found out I was in the same boat, and my results suggested we're automatically added to the list of people getting bonus points. Good luck!
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    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    English advanced: 95 6 engX: 46 E4 maths: 88 5 mhist: 89 5 religion1: 45 E4 spanish beg: 87 5 A bit annoying I was so close to getting more band 6's.