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    2019 Combined Commerce

    wow hello im doing commerce + cs at unsw as well
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    Physics Tutor

    dr zhang if ur at burwood/stra area
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    what soap do you use?

    got the soap from our chemistry practical
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    Students Online not working

    same man, been trying to log in for the past 2 days
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    do i need maths extension 1 for a degree in commerce/ at unsw/usyd?

    hey man, what forums are you talking about, interested in a career of investment banking. xx
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    something like 95
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    Physics Exam Thoughts

    something like 426m/s
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    messed up the inverse function q, didnt see the x>1 part so 3 marks gone
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    Anyone else preparing for an AMEB music exam during their HSC year?

    did my grade 8 violin last October when we first starting year 12. stressful times
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    Rage Studying???

    yes, usually chuck the book across the room
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    MX2 Exam Thoughts

    did anyone get the ratio on the triangle question in Q16??
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    92 atar?!?!

    sure you can