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    Year 11s, what do you do in your spares?

    if you mean free/independent study periods, I usually do homework and/or read my textbooks
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    Vectors Help

    1. x = 6 cos 150, y = 6 sin 150 x = -3√3, y = 3 since x² + y² = 6² , you can plug in the values for x and y and check that (-3√3)² + 3² = 36. 2. a = 4 cos 300, b = 4 sin 300 a = 2, b = -2√3 since a² + b² = 4² , you can plug in the values for a and b and check that 2² + (-2√3)² = 16.
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    Tips for applying into overseas uni's (Like Oxford or Cambridge)

    The UK uni application process is relatively straightforward; you apply through UCAS (though you can only apply to a maximum of 5 universities) and you'll have to submit a personal statement. You may also have to sit subject-specific admissions tests such as Oxford's MAT (maths), Cambridge's...
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    making friends at a new school

    I'm not sure how many new students my school accepts but yeah there is an orientation the day before school starts - I forgot about that. thank you!
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    making friends at a new school

    did you move to a public or private school?
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    making friends at a new school

    private school. wanted to apply to a selective school but missed the deadline lol oops
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    making friends at a new school

    hey so I'm going to be starting year 11 at a new school this year and I was wondering if anyone had any advice in terms of making friends when everyone else already has their own friendship group(s) bc yes I am insecure like that lol. thanks!
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    Impossible question on vector proof

    the working out is a little messy but here you go :)