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Recent content by darkk_blu

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    2019 Combined Commerce

    I want to study Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science in UNSW but the personalized website they gave me said “Combined Commerce”, will I be able to choose which subject i combine it with when I receive my offer or is this a mistake.
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    ATARs were released at like 8:45am even though they said 9:00am, but I got 93.05 and barely made it in my first preference with bonus points so I'm ecstatic.
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    Financial maths into question

    For money owed, do price less deposit 3250-(3250/10)=2925 To calculate annual interest do (96/2925)*100=3.28\%
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    HSC solutions 2018

    After looking through it I'm probably in the low 80s. How did they get the solutions?
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    How can I transfer into the course I want?

    I'm currently in Year 12, doing my HSC and I want to study Bachelor of Commerce and Computer Science at UNSW which is 97 ATAR. I'm probably going to get about 4 subjects bonus points so I only need 93 ATAR. If I don't make it, what course should I apply for if I want to transfer into the course...
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    Please help with the following trial questions

    My neck hurts... can you rotate it for me. Btw some of those questions are 3U and 4U with that ellipse stuff, doesn't belong here
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    Area of a region

    Integrate from 0 to pi/2 3cosx-sin2x Integrate from pi/2 to pi 3cosx-sin2x Add their absolutes together
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    For 1 : \begin{aligned}\frac{1}{1-sin^2x}\\=\frac{1}{cos^2x}\\=sec^2x\end{aligned} From here, you can either visualise the graph of secx and look at its domain or visualise the cosx graph its x intercepts will be your restrictions and determine your domain like that.
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    How Far Back?

    I'd say 2015, after that just do trial papers different schools
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    Please help with these questions so stuck

    Q1 Eventual speed means speed as time approaches infinity, e^(-0.2t) will approach zero as t approaches infinity, therefore v=250(0-1) which is -250ms-1 Q2 At dV/dt at t=0 is the flow rate if the tap is left on fully which will be -2, then let dV/dt=0 such that you find the time it takes for...
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    Ammeters and springs

    I have a school project where we have to build an ammeter, I plan to build the moving coil ones but I have no idea what type of spring provides the restoring/controlling force for the turning coil. Do know what kind of spring I'm supposed to use and where to buy it?
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    Does anyone use Math in Focus 3U?

    Maths is focus 3U really is only “textbook” questions especially it’s simple harmonic and projectile motion exercises
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    Stuck on circle geo question

    Sorry, i got it like this, i dont actually have a hard copy
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    Need help with graphs

    Find the values for y=k intersects the graph \frac{(x+1)^4)}{x+1} two times (you can do this visually)