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    How long do english hsc markers spend marking each essay?

    definitely; they flick through the paper, assessing the length of the essay/creative, and then read the intro to get a general idea of the essay/piece. Thats why its important to have a good intro, as there is a psychological change that is evidenced; if the intro isnt good, then theres a strong...
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    How hard is 90+ atar!

    My year 10 was really good (around the same marks, all 90+%), but for some reason my form completely dropped in yr 11 and so far in year 12. Many people have said this is because of incorrect study strategies, so i was wondering what these 'study strategies' are, and how to effectively use them.
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    How hard is 90+ atar!

    its the summer holidays currently for me, and in a couple of weeks ill be starting term 2 of year 12. I have a couple of questions that i would like answered, but could never find the right people to ask. 1. How did you use these summer holidays? I've read about people playing games for 15hours...
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    Excel HSC book?

    Does anyone have the .pdf of the excel ipt study guide? my teacher said we'd be able to find it online but i can't.
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    How to memorise your Essays

    For me, what worked was memorising the first few words of each sentence, but completely memorising the topic sentences (if you were taught PEEL method)