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    #2022 HSC Chat

    Second person is right. Ur school mark means nothing, only the rank matters
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    #2022 HSC Chat

    definitely not I know a number of students who were ranking like middle in their cohort before the trials, and still managed to get band 6’s
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    USyd Chemistry Help

    I've done CHEM1991, will recommend if you find yourself capable of handling complex chemistry ideas. The labs are more interesting. But the lab logbooks are weekly, are quite annoying But I heard from other friends (who are really good in HSC, bunch of 99.95s) that they thought of it as a wam...
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    Answer template

    Here is a complete scaffold I shared to all my senior science students. I hope this is helpful. Answering long response questions seems like an English-y thing to do, but an answering template can serve very well as the "formula". Before you answer "assess" questions, always outline the key...
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    Physics year 11 - first term and second term test papers

    So true. Idk why some teachers always think of students as cheaters. That's a bit too far tbh, pm me I'll give you some textbook resources. Don't stress much about the first exam, because the questions are normally entry level and are in line with the textbook questions.
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    Module 5 Practicals

    lil bit sketchy, but it's a handout of mine with some annotations on it.
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    #2022 HSC Chat

    you could also try borrow strive biology and excel past papers from libraries
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    Physics year 11 - first term and second term test papers

    These are really hard to find for random schools. Have you tried looking up in you own school's moodle or something?
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    99.95 | DUX of NSBHS (2015) | USYD Medicine Final Year | 7+ Year Teaching Experience | HSC and Year 11 Chemistry | FREE Resources

    Hi, may I access the chemistry notes if possible? Thank you heaps. My email is xiao030118@gmail.com.
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    Hi I just wanted to add that if you’re eligible for E12, you don’t really need to achieve any higher than the cutoff to be more competitive because once you’re in the interview pool, the selection is 100% on the interview (or more like written assessments) performance.
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    Is my handwriting legible?

    Don’t worry my handwriting was just like yours; I was literally you last year as well — trying to reassure myself markers can understand that mess o_O And they do:cool:
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    Bachelor of science doctor of medicine

    That's a bit dodgy to be honest cause you can't guarantee if you're gonna get the med places. Read this post and go to this forum if you're thinking about doing med in general: Common pitfalls to avoid for year 12 school leavers and other medicine applicants
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    Bachelor of science doctor of medicine

    are u saying just BSc alone or BSc + Med double degree? BSc alone is probably similar to Bachelor of medical science imo
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    Mod 6 AC induction motors

    in short: - both single-phase and 3-phase induction motors will work - the graph and cycle is just how the name sounds like (these three are 120˚ out of phase, so that when you consider the magnetic field produced by these electromagnets, it will be rotating around right) And from a student's...