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    How Far Back?

    2001 - 2016 (I think I missed 2011 and 2012)
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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    Thank you so much BE098 :D !
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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    Ok, thanks. Is there any reason then why getting a real analysis textbook wouldn't be a good idea? Do you think it could perhaps complement the subject better for the proofs and knowledge, than Stewart's calculus (as you suggested it's more useful for computational exercise)?
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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    Great! Thank you very much :). For the lecture notes, do they cost money? You mention how it is very proof heavy, is it comparable to real analysis?
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    Mathematics Texts at ANU

    Hello, I was curious if for the math courses at ANU (particularly first year, Math 1115), do you use the textbook a lot, or a set of lecturer's notes etc? Thanks
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    Studying with/without music?

    I personally listen to music when studying on quite a consistent basis. I find that it helps focus and concentrate my attention. However, the genre of music I listen to is movie scores/soundtracks, which are often orchestral or instrumental which I thoroughly enjoy, whilst the lack of words...
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    Unanswered Questions that have been bugging me

    This is some of my personal experience with your questions (you may have a different one). 2. Generally having a clearly defined goal, can be a way to motivate yourself. I believe this is more effective if you're goal is not necessarily to achieve X ATAR, but perhaps X ATAR for Y course (as the...
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    Making Maths Compulsory for HSC students

    Does anyone know the reasoning for why they chose to make English compulsory instead of another subject?
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    New HSC Mathematics Syllabus?

    Hi, I was wondering if they are still planning on updating the calculus based NSW HSC courses (mathematics, MX1, MX2)? If so, when is the planned update to occur, and when will it be implemented? Thanks
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    BOS Trials 2014 Solution Q 11 e

    Hi, I've been reading through the BOS Trials solutions 2014, and I don't understand one part of it for Q 11 e, why can't the circle be below the x-axis? Wouldn't that still satisfy the locus x^2 + y^2 = 1? Thanks
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    Graphing 2008 HSC 3 a) iii)

    Oh, ok. I think I understand now where what I thought was wrong, I was going define f(x) = g(-x), and then graph f(x+2) which would be sliding the graph f(x) to the left 2 units, but, that isn't g(-x+2) as f(x +2) = g(-(x+2)) = g(-x-2). I would have had to go f(x - 2) = g(-x +2) (as you said)...
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    Trigonometric Part of HSC 2016 Q 16 a) i)

    Awesome! Thank you so much dan964 :) . I thought I was going crazy wondering why when only considering (2) theta could only equal - alpha.
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    Trigonometric Part of HSC 2016 Q 16 a) i)

    Hi, I was curious for Q 16 a) i), why does sin(theta)=sin(-alpha) mean that theta = - alpha? Why don't you have to consider it in terms of general solutions, with theta = 2*pi*k - (-1)^k alpha, and then some how work it out from there? If -pi < x <= pi, -pi < y < pi, and sin(x) = 1/2 and...
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    Graphing 2008 HSC 3 a) iii)

    I was attempting to graph the function from the 2008 HSC Q 3 A) iii) The way that I tried to tackle it was as follows: 1. Graphed y(-x), which is just a reflection of the graph about the y-axis. 2. Graphed y(-x + 2), which I thought should be the graph in step 1, slides to the left by 2...
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    Absolute Value Signs, Inequalities and Mechanics

    Great! Thanks guys, will do :)