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    James Cook University Medicine Application

    You can post your request on Airstudy and ask for help. They have many Medicine students there and you can get help there I guess.
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    SOR online tutoring

    You can post your profile on Airstudy. They also have virtual online classroom free much better than Skype.
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    Year 11 Biology and English

    You can request or find a tutor at, Airstudy. Many medical uni students.
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    Eng advanced creative writing

    You r welcome. I just found the tool was cool. But wish you find the right help. Sometimes, you just met the good people offer free help. Who knows. Have a try first.
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    Eng advanced creative writing

    Maybe just write down you need advice from the experienced person, and see whether someone will offer help. It only takes a few seconds to send a request.
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    Help with legal studies essay - issues affecting shelter.

    You can try to send your request to Airstudy next time. It is a Student&Tutor Platform and quite responsive.
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    Eng advanced creative writing

    You can try to send a request on Airstudy, It is a Student & Tutor platform. It is very responsive and you can get help from there.
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    math question help

    Send your question on Airstudy and see whether someone can help. They have a request teacher's function.
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    Tutor Reviews/Feedback Sydney Eastern Suburbs

    Try Airstudy, you can either Request a tutor or Find a tutor on their site. Quite easy.