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    Please Share Advice for 2015ers

    This. Massive respect to what you were able to achieve. I would like to emphasise on "focusing on areas you don't know". One of my biggest mistakes of my HSC was abandoning two of my subjects in favour of my stronger one. Marks are like an exponential curve, the amount of effort it takes to...
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    how to dump someone??

    buy her a pizza but tell the delivery guy to break the news to her via message in the pizza box
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    Share your ATAR here

    90.85 - school ranked 370~ Not bad for someone who was bottom 5 for every subject in year 11 and wasted away Christmas holidays (regrets overload) But i still think i could've done a lot better. Not too sure what i should feel
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    Share your 2014 HSC results here

    Adv Eng - 85 Ext 1 Eng - 39 2U Maths - 96 3U Maths - 47 Economics - 79 Physics - 76 I don't really know why the matrix website estimate says 84 but the app says 91. Oh well, pretty dissapointed with my physics and economics but happy with my maths.
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    how to hide my cat from my parents?

    i know right I am so jelly >:
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    Why have you had a detention?

    In year 8 someone had this product which had like two pink rose petals on it or something, i thought it was a vagina so i pointed it out, and it hurt his feelings.
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    Atar estimate q.q

    School rank: 370s (was in 200s near 300 in 2012) Economics - 6/18 - 75% in trials Physics - 7/21 - 78% in trials Extension 1 English - 3/6 - 82% in trials Advanced English - 2/23 - 86% in trials 2u Math - 1/27 - 89.5% in trials 3u Math - 4/14 - 91% in trials Edit: From what i've heard, 16...
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    What's everyone doing POST HSC?

    Feeding in league of legends.
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    your MC answers?

    12/20. sooooooo... wonder what the cut off mark for band 5 will be.....
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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    what would the raw cut off mark for e3 be q.q
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    Multiple Choice Solutions

    16/20, got the last 3 Q and Q2 wrong -.-.