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    Any jobs that pay ~$15/hr ?

    Your best bet is tutoring. I'm 18 years old, $25/hour + monthly bonuses + super. All you have to do is read stuff to kids and help them if they have any trouble.
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    Still change tutorial classes?

    Can we still change tutorial classes? When is the deadline? How do we change?
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    First year wanting to transfer courses!

    So what is the date of mid-semester internal transfers at UNSW?
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    The Walking Dead

    Yes! Morgan is finally back!
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    So what are you guys playing at the moment?

    Lord of the Rings Online. An incredible f2p mmo!
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    Best TV series EVER

    For guys: Definitely The Walking Dead, no questions asked. This is undoubtedly the best television show, covering all aspects of romance, drama, thriller and of course horror. For girls: Gossip Girl. Same reason except for the horror/thrillier genre.
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    Prelimary&HSC 2&3u Maths tutor-hurstville,burwood

    Can you tutor me in China?
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    Uni ID and Concession Card.

    Was it busy there today when you signed up for your ID??
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    enrolling done-what next?

    Do you know when most people go to register for their ID cards?
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    Best and Worst Buildings @ UNSW?

    How are these buildings?? 1) ASB 114 2) CLB 7 3) Law theatre G04 4) Science Theatre 5) Keith Burrows Theatre 6) Quadrangle 1046 7) Quadrangle G034 8) Quadrangle G042
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    So if we have a tutorial on our timetables, we just ignore those and only go to lectures for the first week?? Is that correct?
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    ATARs of people who did standard english

    someone I know got 67 atar I think?
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    O-week UNSW

    For all new students at UNSW. What happens at O-week? How is it different from open/info days? Any other questions please feel free to post below. Kind regards.
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    Want to know if you made it into your preferred UNSW course before official offer?

    Re: Want to know if you made it into your preferred UNSW course before official offer Yeah I got an unipass
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    Uni Fees (Comm at UNSW)

    How much to study commerce at UNSW first year undergrad? As in this year. Thanks.