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Recent content by iallan

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    Witness Module B

    Individual struggles could also be interpreted through the contrasing attitudes and views of both words through the individuals.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Ffs... Its eeo (it didnt say anything about discrimination whatsoever - use your brain) and also it's common law (straight out of the syllabus)
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    Section 1 - Stimulus

    a) - talked about the colours and how they reinforce the postitive aspects associated with belonging to place/people b) - used direct speech, emotive lang and talked about the need to belong to a place in order to accentuate a sense of affliation c) - talked about the true value of belonging...
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    Morning of an exam breakfast?!

    You should be looking at consuming LOW gi foods such as complex carbs - sweet potatos and wholemeal bread which ensures sustained energy releases. I do not recommend any HIGH gi foods such as simple carbs white bread, soft drinks... as this will give you an instant energy boost, and will deplete...
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Re: I got totally owned No, It was a really straight forward exam.
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    Techniques/Clarification (What not)

    Is an exclamation mark a technique? Could you say it is used to place a certain emphasis on a phrase?
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    General Thoughts: Business Studies

    Re: Moving on. Overall, it was a relatively easy exam... maybe because i was prepared... But seriously, I predicted way harder...
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    Section III - Business Report

    I was under the impression that the whole purpose of grievance was not to pursue legal action? and is implemented to provide a quick resolution mechanism within the business. Idunno lawl.
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    Section IV - Extended Response

    Re: extended response 27 was much easier to link ... I did report format and used all the external sources of change as my headings and talked about reasons for expansion within in them through case studies lol
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    Section III - Business Report

    *Ethical/Legal - Ethical(Creation of needs) Legal(Implied conditions) *Strategies - Factoring of acc. recieveables and discount for early payments on recievables *Communication - Grievance, Worker participation, Team briefings and the posstive impact on ER.
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    English paper 1 AOS question E

    Not necessarily a thesis, I think you would state the concepts of belonging of each text (belonging or not belonging) and how it links to the question. And then get into an analysis of each text, and finally conclude by redirecting your response to the question.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Re: Not hard? Guys, q.19 i think... Cash flow statement Q... is the answer acc recieveables?
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    Business Studies! HELP !

    Niche comes under consumer markets - Consumer markets consist of mass, market segement and niche. Thus, it is consumer. Tricky one
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    Fair work act

    FWA is the government body that replaced the industrial relations act. As far as content, I think it remains the same as industrial relations, which concerns wages, contracts and Industrial disputes. AWA's are less popular today, there has been a move to enterprise agreements - employees and...
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    Business Report FAQ

    Instead of doing recommendations/key findings, could you include it in the conclusion?