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    The Anime Thread

    Bruh I'm sad that railgun and few other animes have been delayed. Yeah I can't be bothered with Seven deadly sins for some reason.
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Asking the real questions mate. Then again, I'm wondering how the new light rail line to anzac parade is going to change things.
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    Are lectures at MQ mandatory to attend?

    Another thing about recorded lectures, some lectures tend to use project screen in conjunction with the white/blackboard. For example in my math lectures, there would be one projector used to show the lecture notes and the blackboard to show some examples. However, the recording would only show...
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    Online Math Tutor Tools

    Doesn't seem to have the feature where it converts your handwriting into text Have you ever tried using onenote?
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    Online Math Tutor Tools

    You know a good app that carters writing up math equations by hand?
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    Online Math Tutor Tools

    Hello, so I'm thinking about doing online tutoring since it's basically more convenient, but I just need a good idea of to use. So I plan to use Skype to communicate, but what tools would you guys use in order to show different workings through screen-share? Especially with writing out...
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    Searching for practice papers and resources for new syllabus Year 12 Maths Advance and Ext 1

    You are the part unluckiest cohort for this reason, no past materials to practice with since you're studying under the new syllabus. My best advice is that you should ask your teachers for some exam materials to learn from.
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    3U Maths HSC 2019 Solutions

    This is why you shouldn't look at math at 1am lel.. Yeah you're right cause I was thinking of a counter example where you could have you roots \alpha < a< c But your idea would negate that.
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    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Yeah I was pretty annoyed with the amount of silly mistakes I made in my 3U exam (recalled reading back the paper the moment I walked out and thought HOW DID I MISS THAT?) , when I thought I could have gotten a state rank, then again there were heaps who would have felt the same. Whilst I...
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    3U Maths HSC 2019 Solutions

    So you actually would also have to include the fact that f'(x) >0, \forall x > \frac{2k}{3} Which then you know the function is increasing for between the 3 values
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    3U Maths HSC 2019 Solutions

    You can't justify your proof in 14bii) with just that You made the assumption that f(a) <f(b) < f(c) \Rightarrow a < b< c But that's only true if the function is strictly increasing (which is not true ripp)
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    Maths Extension 2 predictions/thoughts?

    bruh I legit got it using only 2U knowledge why is this so easy?, but yeah the final result is indeed neat
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    BoS Maths Trials 2019

    I honestly don't recall learning the inverse function theorem until first year uni to be fair (and basically never used it from 2nd year and later) , so I doubt the majority of the high-school students would even consider it. Please share some more rants pls this is hilarious.
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    BoS Maths Trials 2019

    x = tan\theta
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    BoS Maths Trials 2019

    Wow this is definitely harder than the previous years. I see that Carrotsticks having extra assistance from former BOS members (who are also math whizzes :P) definitely revoluntionised the content. However, with the new syllabus being implemented, I wonder what mathematical theorem do you plan...