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    Best English tuition?

    Hey Accurate, That's right! It's really just demand. We're no longer offering classes for Carlingford, but we are for Cheltenham Girls. We do consistently receive enquiries from the schools you mentioned (especially St. George Girls) but unfortunately these schools are too far away from our...
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    Best English tuition?

    Couldn't have said it better myself 🙃 There's another (more important) reason: Now with Delta, every single Year 12 class we teach is both school-specific and text-specific. This multiplies the number of classes we need to put on by very, very large factor with no change in student numbers to...
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    Best English tutoring centre?

    Hey blizzardblizzard, Thanks for the kind mention. Your figures are slightly off; we currently charge $1950 and $2450 per term for Years 11 and 12 respectively. What you mentioned about some classes and teachers not being as good was correct in 2019. Although this was definitely the absolute...
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    Best English tutoring centre?

    Hey Guys, I'm the director at Delta :). The comments here are correct that we're more expensive than other tutoring places and it's something we genuinely regret (though the quoted figures here are off somewhat). This is a commonly raised issue that we cop much flak for and I wish I could...
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    HSC graduates: beware of predatory tutoring businesses

    My understanding was that the page got taken down very late on Sunday because the owners realised that this had seriously, seriously gotten out of hand, but well after this had massively exploded (which only takes hours on social media). We hadn't made any legal threats then because lawyers tend...
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    HSC graduates: beware of predatory tutoring businesses

    Thank you very much :) (Edits: pedantic 3am formatting) I can't get into the specifics of what happened because the question of legal action looms given how much this has spiralled out of control with substantially influential entities absolutely making stuff up in threatening the livelihoods...
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    Delta English Tutoring Review/Opinions Please

    Hi everyone! I'm the director at Delta Specialist English Tuition and wanted to respectfully take the opportunity to respond to this review. I'm thankful for this opportunity to respond as Delta is very comfortable maintaining full transparency in our workings with the student community. Has...
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    Best English Tuition

    If I've achieved anything at all it's all due to the blessings of elders and well-wishers. Thanks so much for your kind words sir :')
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    Tuition centres in Sydney?

    <3 <3 Link for convenience:
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    Best English Tuition (not at all a shameless plug =P)
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    Syllabus Changes for HSC Physics and Chemistry

    Wow, that's a lot sooner than I'd thought! I like the idea of deleting the options though, but if it's really 2015-2016 that the change is happening that could really rustle some leaves due to the sheer proximity. I really think they should give everyone a year or so warning haha.
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    Syllabus Changes for HSC Physics and Chemistry

    Hey all! Just a quick question since I've been out of it for a while; when do you guys expect the Bored of Studies to change the syllabus for Prelim/HSC Physics/Chemistry/Biology? Do you think it could happen in the coming 2-3 years? Thanks!
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    First in NSW Physics, State Rank MX2, 99.95 ATAR Tutoring - The Maths and Phys Shack

    Re: First in NSW Physics, State Rank MX2, 99.95 ATAR Tutoring - The Maths and Phys Sh Having had the pleasure of knowing Ruben personally, I can't recommend his (and Amol's) tuition highly enough. I have no doubt that the tuition will be extremely rigorous, thorough and of the highest quality -...