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Yep, Jerry Jackson lolz
Mar 28, 1989 (Age: 34)
Far North Coast
Custom Subtitle
Academic Programme
Standard English, 3 Unit Maths, IPT, Physics, Primary Industries, Accounting (woot finished accounting fastrack and counts for 2U)
Educational Institution
Murwillumbah High School
Political Views
Favourite Music
Good music, too many to name
Favourite TV Shows
Prison Break, Chasers War, American Dad, We Can Be Heroes (mini series), Family Guy, Thank God You're Here, Comedy INC, Kyle XY, The 4400, Spick and Specks, Bush Tucker Man, Porno Valley, Aussie Idol, Top Gear, South Park, Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby, Ronnie Johns 1/2 hour, X-files, Glasshouse, the Wedge, Rove, Futurama, Theif, The Unit, Regenesis, Numbers, Mr Bean, 24, My Name is Earl, That 70s
Favourite Movies
All steve irwins, Peter Brock, Bathurst, Animal Mating, Drunk Bitches, XXX porn etc etc
Favourite Books
Don't like to read in the physical form of a book, so thats TV and computer screens.
Favourite Quote
You're unique. So is everybody else.
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Construction, Engineering, IT, Mining/Natural Resources/Utilities


Aimed UAI - 72

Subjects- Stupid English(standard), Maths 2U, IPT, Psychics(that's what it's called), Vet subjects that I can only use one - Accounting certII (89 finish last year), Primary Industries(Should easily get band 6, bludge easy as :lol:)


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