Everything You Need to Know to Pick Out the Best Breast Pump Ever

If you think that a breast pump is not necessary and probably a waste of money then you should spend some time to read this: It is true that not every mom needs a breast pump for breastfeeding, but a breast pump will be a wonderful tool in lots of circumstances, including:

- Your baby is preterm and can not be fed naturally.

- You need to maintain/increase milk supply.

- You will be away from your baby for a period of time.

- You are going back to work.

Now, you have decided that you will purchase a breast pump, then the next question is “Which breast pump is best for my baby and me?”. To answer this question, you need to have a general knowledge of breast pumps, so let's begin:

There are three main types of breast pumps:

- Manual breast pumps:
this is the cheapest type of breast pump. They are also lightweight and portable, but they will not help you get that much milk compared to the other types as you have to do lots of the work yourself.

- Battery-operated breast pumps: this kind of breast pumps is portable and helpful when you are pumping on the go. However, their speed is not as fast as electric breast pumps.

- Electric breast pumps: while single-electric breast pumps allow you to pump one breast at a time, double-electric breast pumps enable you to pump both breasts simultaneously.

Then, what makes the best breast pumps?

There are some features that make a breast pump worth buying than others, among which are:

- Suction strength: this feature is very important, especially when you want to pump faster, or you need some assistance to empty your breasts fully.

- Customization: the more you can customize your breast pump's suction strength and speed, the more it can fit your style of feeding.

- Connectivity: a breast pump goes with Bluetooth connectivity, and an APP will help to track your pumping schedule and remind when you need to pump.

- Portability: if you are back to work already and need to commute with your pump, a lightweight battery-powered breast pump is probably the smartest choice for you. Also, do not forget to ask if it goes with a rechargeable battery and a DC power adapter.

- Sound: if you pump around other people or simply do not want to disturb your baby when you are pumping, choose a pump that generates a lower output of noise.

- Warranty: all breast pumps are non-returnable, so before making a purchase decision, please pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty policy, especially the pump motor.

After going through all aspects of a breast pump, you may have some clues for the question “What is the best breast pump for me?”. Some may want a double electric breast pump with strong suction and customizable settings, while others may need a soundless battery-operated breast pump that they can take to work every day. Then, the next step is to find the breast pump that fits your needs but still on your budget. However, it does not seem easy as it sounds, especially when there are thousands of options out there. To make your job easier, we came up with a list of best rated breast pumps in 2020, let’s check them out:

1. Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Medela Pump in Style Advanced is one of the top rated breast pumps in the double-electric pump segment thanks to its operating methods that stimulate babies' breastfeed. To be specific, Medela Pump in Style Advanced has a faster pumping at the beginning to get milk flowing, followed by a slower pumping after that to help the moms get more milk in less time. It is also a lightweight and portable breast pump that you can easily carry it anywhere. The biggest drawback of this device is that it is a little bit loud compared to other models.

2. Spectra S1 Hospital Strength Breast Pump

When coming to breast pump comparison, Spectra S1 Hospital Strength Breast Pump thanks to its portability and nice appearance. Although Spectra is not that famous compared to some other brands in this list, it has been gaining more and more fans, making it the winner in 2019 What to Expect Award. The device weighs only 3.3 pounds and is designed with a built-in handle and a space to secure the milk bottle. Similar to Medela Pump in Style Advanced, Spectra S1 is a double-electric model; however, it is also equipped with a digital display that allows you to set your preferred speed. When you turn the device off, it can memorize and will recall where you left off for the next time.

3. Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump got the best breast pump reviews in the manual breast pump segment. Lightweight, affordability and easy-to-clean are the main advantages of Haakaa. The model also offers a convenient way to store breast milk by attaching it to the opposite breast from the one you are using to feed the baby. However, as a manual model, Haakaa Silicone requires more labour compared to the battery-operated or electric breast pump.

4. Lansinoh Signature Pro

Our next recommended breast bump is Lansinoh Signature Pro – a high functional pump with a very competitive price. This device provides three pumping styles and eight different suction levels so you can find the most suitable setting for you. With a slim design, the Lansinoh weighs only 2.3 pounds so you can carry it without any hassles. It is also super quiet, so you can pump next to your baby's bed with no worry of waking him up.

5. Medela Freestyle Flex

Another product from the best breast pump brand – Medela is Medela Freestyle Flex. Medela Freestyle Flex’s most unique point is its size. With less than one pound, this is the lightest and smallest breast pump we could find on the market, making it the best option for those who are usually on the go. This model is a battery-operated model that can work continuously for 2 hours. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a digital display that shows suction level and time, allowing users to pump in a dark room while your little love is sleeping.

We hope that the information provided is helpful for you, and ideally, you can pick out your perfect fit from the list. Share this post if you like it. Also, comment to let us know if you have other great models in your mind or if there are any other things you would like to know about breast pumps, we would be glad to hear from you.
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