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    2020-HSC chat

    Even though it's in the rubric I don't think you can be asked to write an informative piece for Mod C.
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    How do you think you will go for English Adv trials?

    Were the questions generally concerned with singular themes or were they more broad?
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    Silly Mistakes in Maths

    Just before the exam I give a little pep talk to myself so that I relax. Assure yourself that you know how to do everything and you'll read every question carefully and work through your answers thoroughly. Like literally talk to yourself. Keep reminding yourself of this throughout the exam...
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    Multiple Choice Help

    Thanks Don't you think it's kinda sketchy to leave off the income accounts considering they're a pretty major factor in the CA? It really threw me off.
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    Multiple Choice Help

    Anyone know how to do these two questions? I honestly can't work out what I'm looking at
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    Positive effects of unemployment?

    A little bit of unemployment is necessary otherwise we would get inflation (as predicted by the Phillips curve). It also means there is a pool of labour for firms to select from - if there was no unemployment it would be more difficult for firms to employ new people.
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    How would you answer a stimulus based response?

    In the same way you would answer a regular economics essay, but with the stimulus informing your response. You should refer specifically to the stimulus at least 3-4 times (or quote it if you can).
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    Should you treat the marker as an expert or a novice?

    This is so true, and it's the same with short answers in Chemistry
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    Tariff Question

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    Tariff Question

    My answer was C, but the correct answer is D. Can anyone help out? (from 2011 HSC).
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    Why must a CAD equal a KAFA surplus?

    Right, but wouldn't the increase in NPY outflows be much less than the corresponding increase in FDI inflows? Like, if a company borrows 1 million dollars from overseas and pays a 5% interest rate per annum on that loan, then the inflow on the KAFA is 1 million but the outflow(s) on the NPY are...
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    Why must a CAD equal a KAFA surplus?

    See I get this basic concept, but it doesn't make sense to me when I think about it. If the CAD increases because there's a larger outflow of debt servicing, for example, why does that automatically result in a proportional increase in foreign investment. I'm struggling to see the cause and effect.
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    Why must a CAD equal a KAFA surplus?

    In the context of the HSC though, how would I articulate this? The example you gave makes sense but seems like it's outside the scope of the syllabus.
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    Why must a CAD equal a KAFA surplus?

    For example, say an economy's CAD increases because of a worsening in the BOGS. From what I know, this must be balanced out by an increase in the KAFA surplus. But I don't understand how this happens - why would a deteriorating in the BOGS automatically lead to increased financial inflows?
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    A ligand is a molecule or ion that forms dipole bonds to metal atoms. In the Chemistry syllabus you only need to understand how water functions as a ligand. Certain ionic substances (such as copper sulphate) can exist in a hydrated form. This happens when the ionic substance is mixed with...