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    Hey guys, I just got invited into the SSP for the second semester of chem. Was just wondering if anyone has taken this course, and what are your thoughts on this course. I'm having a hard time deciding on whether I should pick it. Thanks :)
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    Math2065 vs math2068

    Hi guys, I'm deciding between math2065 and math2068 for next semester. Math2065 looks more interesting to me as I like applied mathematics more. However my degree recommends I do math2068/math2988. I can do both, but I can only do one of the units next semester. Which should I choose next...
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    It's recorded? Go to Blackboard. Click on the Unit of Study Link for "MATH2061" and then click on "Lecture Recordings". Hope this helps!
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    is an ACCESS card worth it??

    Access Tent at O-week (big orange tent- you can't miss it), Manning Access Desk- Level 1 Manning or online at
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    Timetable printing fail

    print the schedule or if you have the time try making an excel sheet of your timetable
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    Volunteering vs Work Experience

    Well the job is at a tutoring/ education centre. I mainly teach/ help the secondary students with their worksheets and any questions. I also mark their work and do reception/ customer service roles on the side. The volunteer position is with the SPARKS programs with Vinnies. I mentor refugee...
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    Volunteering vs Work Experience

    Hi guys I was just looking for some advice and a second opinion. Currently I have found a job and volunteering experience. Unfortunately due to timetabling issues (usyd problems) I have to decide between them. The job is more related to my degree but I'm only a trainee and the job isn't really...
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    timetable question

    Hey guys, I'm trying to customise my timetable by getting into this Monday class. When I looked at the timetable unit website it says on the monday class that "∗ Movement from an alternate class in this subject to this class is restricted." Does this mean the class is full? Or does it mean I can...
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    USYD TIMETABLES ARE FINALLY OUT!! could you help me with mine

    Wait what? When I go to the timetables website, it says that timetables are out in the middle of feb? Why isn't it working for me??? O.o
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    myuni not working

    Sign as usual, i.e. use your unikey and unikey password.
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    Usyd opal card registration problem

    That shouldn't be a problem. I re- enrolled at the same time as you did. Perhaps you did not consent for your details to be shared with Transport NSW? Just send an email to the Campus Card Centre to check. (I am assuming you are eligible for concession here). Hope you solve your problem! :)
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    Usyd opal card registration problem

    Did you put your first and middle name instead of just your first name? That was the cause of my problem...
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    Anyone go tutoring?

    Year 3-6: I went to a variety of tutoring places during primary school. I went to a private tutoring place run by a family friend, Pre-Uni and James An. Private: I went there for mathematics. The Private tutoring was more like a cram school, however I did end up learning 2 years ahead of my...
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    Question about third year units for B Ed (Sec: Hum + Soc Sci)/B A

    If that message shows up, it means that you did not do and pass 120 credit point including edse2001 and edse2002. If you did not do that then you must choose other units this semester. If you did, then I'd suggest calling up the coordinator. (Bit too late now but you still have time before...
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    School Rankings 2014

    Not sure if I should be happy or not... My school dropped down 20 places to 200 but we got one more all rounder this year..