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    Only $5 for everything! (95.15 realistic atar score) 1gb worth of resources!!!!

    "How are you today, you fine gentle being" "My name is Kenny, you can call me klee98" "Here's the deal, i've gotten 95.15 last year with all of these goodies and i want you to try some of them yourself!" "For only $5 dollars, you get 1 GB worth of resources" "And i mean, everything from...
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    "revise in a month HSC"

    NAAA just do past papers. Plus it's always exciting to print them (maybe that's just me) PS: I have an excel book. It's flashy and all but i mostly use them to check the answers.
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    Dropping subjects? or neglecting them?

    There's no point in dropping a subject at this stage. Were you neglecting any of them before this, if you not then don't. Just make sure that all your subjects are at your desired level, and then let BOS decide which ones they're going to count.
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    You should talk to him. DeBroglie's model should be considered as an answer. Or you could fight him! Best man gets those 2 points! ANS: B (Not really sure, but if someone points a gun to my head...)...
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    Band 6 Physics

    Have you done your trials? That's a huge mark up. Maybe you can try gaining your ranks with that. Other than that, you shouldn't be expecting a miracle. Just work harder (not smarter) on your HSC exam and hopefully you'll get a well-deserved mark.
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    Absorbtion spectra

    The way i interpret it from my textbook is that the electrons needs an exact packet of energy that allows it to jump from its ground state to another energy level. The higher/ denser the energy, the more energy levels the electron jumps to, but it needs to be exact (imagine a whole number) so...
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    Did the wrong option topic in Trails and Teacher said she cant take the marks?

    That's a weirdly phrased question. I had to read it 3 times before i understood it. You might want to drop the question mark. "wrong option"? If it's an option, does that not imply that you get a choice? I'd like to hear the argument made by your teacher, that would definitely be interesting...
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    HSC topic not finished

    What happens? Nothing. You're just going to have to sit the exam without completing the exam. Can we appeal? Appeal what? To do the HSC on a later date? You can give it a try by writing a heartfelt letter to BOSTES. Here's some options: 1) What you can do is write an online article and...
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    Daily Routine

    I'll fit it in there someday...
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    Daily Routine

    Have been doing the exact same thing since monday... 9 to 12: Maths 12 to 1: Eat 1 to 5: PhyChem 5 to 7: Run/ Play ball 7 to 8: Eat 8 to 10: Maths 10 to ~: Internet
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    Official 2015 Bored of Studies Seminars @ University of Sydney

    It's sad that i can't attend... Will the resources be up online? :D
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    I don't know what to do

    I wouldn't worry about integration if i were you... Take a chill pill and relax. Start doing some questions and when u feel the anxiety is kicking in, pause for a moment and take a walk.
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    Are schools allowed to do this?

    Pretty sure they can, but should they? We've had the same ordeal with chemistry, haven't touch nuclear yet we did the assessment task on it. It's not that hard, just read a couple of books google here and there, and you're on your way.