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    The House of God
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    The 'I'm finished EE2 for 2008' thread.

    This sucks I stayed up till 1 o'clock to print off my work then had to print off my reflection statement twice cause the first one wasnt numbered then I ended up writing the wrong centre number on the title pages and then I missed my alarm for 8 o'clock and then I just managed to get there at 5...
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    Showcasing our major works

    Hey everyone Can we put our works on the site? If so, when can we do it? Good luck to everybody!
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    Countdown Until Hand In

    Sorry, I didnt put in my reflection statement, which makes it 50 pages. This is a really sad competition (but one that I must win).
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    Countdown Until Hand In

    Try 46, I went over just a little bit. Little bit=1700words I am pretty sure that I have finished my main work, but my reflection statement is still coming together and needs some serious editing. Good luck, everybody else!
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    Drafts completed?

    Nearly finished my second draft. Up to about 7000 words, but still needing serious refinement.
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    Pictures in your stories

    Are you able to include pictures or diagrams in your stories? Because I have seen some in the showcase that have basic pictures, but I want to know how far we can go with pictures in our major works.
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    Internal marks dont count?

    Thanks everyone Ill just try to do my best in Eng ext 2, and screw trying to understand the marking. Oh well, just another thing I'll never get my head around.
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    Internal marks dont count?

    No, i got first in both.
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    Can someone please explain 'ranking' to me.

    Your rank is very important in the internal assessments. If you get 1st in the internal, you get the mark of the person who got the highest mark in the HSC exams in your school. If you get last, you get the worst HSC Exam mark in your school. This is compared with what you got in the HSC...
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    Internal marks dont count?

    But If someone else gets the highest external mark, how can I get marks that they got for their own work? Isnt that a bit weird?
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    Internal marks dont count?

    Thanks I am coming 1st in my class anyway. How do your internal marks count towards your HSC result (because I haven't been doing that well (Proposal: 7/10, and Voce: 22/25))? And how do your ranks count? Because it has to be different to ranking in other subjects.
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    Drafts completed?

    I have about 5900 words, Also had writers block (did nothing on my story for around 5 weeks), but I think im past that. Still haven't got an ending, although I have a good idea where its going. I want to have a twist at the end, but its proving to be difficult, and there is no impact to...
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    Internal marks dont count?

    My teacher keeps telling us that our internal marks don't count towards our overall marks, not even ranks, only the external marks do. Is this true? Because I cant see how they can mark something that is not yet finished, or in the case of ranks, give you some other persons marks. But in...
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    Getting Better in internal assessments

    Sorry about the vagueness of my question. What I wanted to know is if I get 70-85 in my HSC, would my ranking bring up my marks by much if they were 90's? And could I still get a UAI of 90?