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    New syllabus HSC physics for engineering

    I know there has been multiple threads on this topic, however the HSC physics syllabus has been changed in favour of practical work and for it to be more mathematical. I currently do not do HSC physics. I dropped it last year mainly because I disliked the way the teacher taught the content...
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    Explanation of HSC Marks (Moderating)

    Your ranking matters the most with internal assessments. If your ranking was low, try to increase your ranking with the other assessments. If it was high, possibly because the assessment was hard, and if you maintain a high ranking + do well in the HSC exam then you should be set for a band 6.
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    How much of Year 11 Content is in our HSC Exams?

    For maths, some of the topics in year 11 are important that you need to know for year 12. For english, I don't think anything will be tested from year 11 aside from developing your skills for the HSC. For Chemistry, it's important to know how to do calculations and the last module of year 11 is...
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    Hazard Perception Test

    I have, but they don't seem to help, I just did those on that website. Have you done the test yet?
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    Hazard Perception Test

    So I need to do the hazard perception test for my red P's. I did all the practice tests on here: and have gotten them all right and I have understood why they are right using the explanations they give. Is this enough???? Do I...
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    Are the Excel Success One HSC series worthy to buy!?

    Yes, the ones on the website's shop.
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    Raw marks report

    Me too. Where does it say that they don't lower results?
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    Are the Excel Success One HSC series worthy to buy!?

    Based on my experience of doing HSC last year for Biology, Excel Success One HSC textbooks are very useful. However, since there are new syllabuses for the science subjects I don't recommend purchasing these books as they won't be beneficial and relevant to the new topics (for the most part)...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    I have a question. Since I did bio accelerated, does that mean my marks will by scaled (by UAC) differently than those who do bio in 2019.
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Idk they sent it early, like the previous years
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    I just got my marks through email and I’m so happy. I thought I did so bad in Biology, but I guess scaling was crazy this year. :)))) P.S. i’m an accelerant student
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    omg me too. I losing my shits rn so scared of bio
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    Decrease Pressure (Increase Volume) - Le Chatilier's Principle -Change in Equilibrium

    Re: Decrease Pressure (Increase Volume) - Le Chatilier's Principle -Change in Equilib The new syllabus requires you to: explain the overall observations about equilibrium in terms of the collision theory. An increase in pressure (decrease in volume) favours the side with LESS moles. To...
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    Students Online not working

    Yeah, apparently it's down until next week. People's personal information were released to people who it wasn't meant to (such as address, school, ranks, etc). I was one of those who got logged into several people's accounts, but I got my ranks before they shut it down.
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    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    ITS UP! Omg genetics fucked me up so bad, i probably got like 15/25. I had to rush cause i was running out of time