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    MATHS & ENGLISH TUTORING | ATAR 99.9 | State Rank

    More spots available for essay marking!
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    2018 HSC Maths MX1 Discussion

    A lot of people get 70 and have ranked first in their school. I'm not 100% sure how they determine it, but I think they look at your actual solutions and also look at your 4U/2U mark and compare that to other people
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    Related texts to 1984??

    Metropolis, Blade Runner, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, A Clockwork Orange, Handmaid's Tale, Maze Runner, etc. Most dystopian texts fit well with it
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    Is it possible to get a high E3/E4 without tutoring?

    100% it is possible. I ranked in 3U never having had tutoring for maths, and I'm not a genius at it, I just put in consistent smart work. My advice is to just go through as many past papers as possible close to exams, do all the textbook examples and know the theory well! What's good about...
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    Do I have to remember my Student Number?

    I think all the exams had personalised booklets with your student number on them, otherwise, I think they give you your student number on your desk along with your name. But even if they don't I'm sure you can ask someone to tell you
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    ATAR 99.90 | SELLING BAND 6 Essays | Essay Editing | Eng Adv (97), Eng Ext 1 (48)

    For some reason, my messaging on the BoredofStudies website isn't working, so just send me an email if you want editing at
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    Can I Achieve a 99 Atar Without 4U Math

    Yes, 100%. Many many people that I know did not do any 4U subjects and got very good atars! Just do what you are good at
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    Assistance with creative?

    My best advice is to make the creative as simple as possible --> Keep it to one setting and one/two character/s. Put in many similes, metaphors, and motifs. Make it first person & past tense, as this is easier for discovery. Also just describe the smells, sounds, feelings etc. using metaphors...
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    ATAR 99.90 | SELLING BAND 6 Essays | Eng Adv (97), Eng Ext 1 (48), Modern (94)

    Hi Guys, my name is Jared and I am pleased to be offering my essays for English 2u, 3u, and 4u and Modern History! I graduated in 2017 with the following results: -ATAR of 99.90 -English Advanced HSC mark of 97/100 -English Extension 1 HSC mark of 48/50 -English Extension 2 HSC mark of...
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    How does all the scaling and moderation work for Modern History?

    How scaling works, is that the internal assessments (what your school sets) established peoples' ranks based on their marks and the spacings between people (so if the first person gets 80%, and the second person gets 75% this difference is the only thing that matters). When you guys sit the HSC...
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    Remembering concepts/stuff for essays efficiently + effectively

    If you don't memorise the essay word for word, then try memorising a lot of quotes and good words to use and then selecting quotes based on the question. How I memorised was to print out my essay and just reading it aloud while walking many many times over, and eventually absorb the essay. Also...
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    Advice on workload?

    I did an essay, and it was a lot more work than I had expected. That being said, I reckon pick it up, and if you can't think of a very good idea within a few weeks drop it. Writing it took me a lot of time, I can't give you an hours per week estimate because I wrote it in fairly large blocks...
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    MATHS & ENGLISH TUTORING | ATAR 99.9 | State Rank

    MATHS, ENGLISH & MODERN TUTORING | ATAR 99.9 | State Rank | Editing Hey guys, My name is Jared, and I am very pleased to be offering English (up to 4U), Maths (up to 4U), Modern History, and Physics tutoring for Years 10-12. I completed my HSC last year, achieving the following marks...
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    Structuring Essays

    The way I structured mine is: 1) Intro 2) Core Text 1 3) Related Text 1 (Link to Core 1) 4) Core Text 2 5) Related Text 2 (Link to Core 2) 6) Conclusion This structure is really simple and easy to follow for the marker, and allowed me to achieve very high marks for the essay component of 3U...