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Recent content by merryliz

  1. merryliz

    Favourite study food/snacks?

    A big hot cup of coffee is just enough to study all night long. When I'm getting hungry I usually eat a croissant from the bakery nearby - it takes me a couple of minutes to go there. We are trying not to keep food in our campus room because of those little ants. They are a real disaster to us...
  2. merryliz

    The Asian Music Thread

    too much pink as for me...
  3. merryliz

    Does anyone like Radiohead?

    they are awesome!
  4. merryliz

    Pokemon Go

    I used to love Pokemon Go. It was a real innovation when this game appeared. But now I just don't have time to catch 'em. Pokemon was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid so I found an alternative for this game. Camp pokemon is a game for Android and it's really interesting. All those creatures...
  5. merryliz

    Frameless glasses - yay or nay?

    no at all
  6. merryliz

    what colour nail polish are you wearing?

    purple nails my favorite
  7. merryliz

    Age Difference

    I date a guy on 6 years older than me and we had very different interest in life
  8. merryliz

    what causes break ups in a relationship?

    Arguments, but main thing if you can still be together after it, some people have arguments every day and life 10 years happy life together
  9. merryliz

    Thoughts on marrying your bf after graduation?

    marriage after school arent good idea at all