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    Ksp Calculations Prac

    Not entirely sure about this so someone fact check me. When you divide by 0.1 to convert it to per litre, I think you're supposed to divide 0.1 by each ion, instead of them together since you're supposed to convert both ion concentrations to per L individually. So instead of ([Ag] *...
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    The Crucible by Arthur Miller related texts

    sounds good I've heard a lotta people are doing this
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    The Crucible by Arthur Miller related texts

    Hi!! I'm having a bit of trouble picking my related text for the common module: Texts and human experiences. My text is The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Does anyone have any suggestions for which related text I could do? Thanks!
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    I guess just try to see moles as a count of how many particles there are in a substance. So for every particle of CH4, there are 4 particles of hydrogen. Thus, if you have 0.35 mols of CH4, you get 0.35x4, which is 1.4 mols of Hydrogen
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    Who likes Kpop here?

    yg boutta give us an album and then make us wait 3 years for another one
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    Silly mistakes

    Usually I just pick up on silly mistakes ive done after doing practice papers and record them all down on my phone. Then before the exam I have a look at the list for a while. It doesnt guarantee that you dont make any silly mistakes but I think it helps
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    Yr 11 Subject Selection

    I mean yeah honestly you're right but if she doesn't enjoy chemistry right now the only choices she has is to not pursue med or do a bridging course in the future. I think if she's fully set on aiming for med then she should take it but if she's still indecisive then picking whatever subjects...
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    Yr 11 Subject Selection

    Yeah i agree with this chem is a prerequisite for some med schools but if you have no interest in it then you shouldnt pick it. I think some chem concepts are pretty vital for med courses but as mentioned in other ppl’s replies you can just do a bridging course on it. If you pick chemistry...
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    Yr 11 Subject Selection

    I think that Chemistry requires more understanding and less memorisation than Biology and bio is vice versa. For me personally chemistry is easier because I hate having to cram content into my memory so I guess its really personal preference. However, I'm pretty sure Chemistry is scaled around...
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    Yr 11 Subject Selection

    No problem! Im glad I can help even if its just a little! Honestly from my experience, the knowledge from the bio content in the junior years were helpful but I really don't think its a necessity to do well in bio. If I remember correctly we really only learnt about genetics in yr 10 bio and...
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    Yr 11 Subject Selection

    I think some med universities have chemistry as a prerequisite (most of them don't im pretty sure). I do bio rn and its helllaaa content heavy, you gotta have a pretty good memory for it combined with a good understanding. For bio prelims the first and second modules are all about cells and...
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    Year 11 Selective test 2020

    They have a hast this year unlike last year but im assuming the same thing
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    Year 11 Selective test 2020

    Girra doesn't place much emphasis on the reports, they focus mainly on the results of ur hast
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    Work experience

    I guess it gives you a good feel of how working in med actually is and allows you to gauge how interested you are or how suitable the career is for you. Also looks pretty nice on ur resume LMAO
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    2021 Year 9 application

    I'll pm u the details :))