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    Need some Help urgently!!

    Thank you for helping me! :)
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    Need some Help urgently!!

    Question: BOP= CAD + Capital and Fin. Acc surplus =0 Making reference to the equation above, Explain the relationship between Capital and Financial Account and Net primary Income deficit. ---- I've been trying to figure out this question out but I am not able to understand it, I am stuck. Any...
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    COVID-19 and school closures

    I don't understand why they can't shut down school for like a month excluding the Holidays. I mean what should be of priority is the health of individuals today not in two months, not in two years. Right now it's not about long-term, it's about what we can do now to ensure the safety of the...
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    test in 7 days

    my attendence in school has not been the best due to being sick had a whole two weeks off together which means I didnt learn the content then and another two weeks off again recently so i barely have any idea of most of the content that is going to be in the test especially with module 7...
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    Failed an exam. Help.

    It was the whole of Module 5
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    I need help in the following questions for my HSC

    Thank you so much, this was of much help.
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    99.95 ATAR (2019) - HSC STUDY NOTES - New Syllabus Resources!

    Is there like a preview or something? So I have assurance....
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    I need help in the following questions for my HSC

    1. Explain why urban areas, generally not appropriate to set up synthesis plants for chemicals. 2. Use a flow diagram to illustrate the steps in the industrial production of a chemical 3. Chemists must consider may factors when designing a chemical synthesis process. Evaluate the need to...
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    Which alcohol is best to study for the dot point "how are alcohols produced and what are their properties and uses?"
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    How do I prepare for year 12??
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    Please help me with prelim/yr 11 subject selections!!

    engineering and physics have a lot of similar stuff
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    Are these subjects ok???

    apparently the year 11 content for ancient sucks but apparently the year 12 ones really engaging for ancient if you want to do economics make sure to do all your homework read through the textbooks and ask how to answer essay questions For geo i have a lot of friends dropping FOR CHEM practicing...
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    No it's okay, Thank you so much, that was of great help