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Recent content by mmmm.

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    Management transformation?

    Hey, it was for a group report for uni where we had to use a real-life example and had to use scholarly articles
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    Management transformation?

    Thankyou very much for your help
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    Management transformation?

    @jimmysmith560 Hi again, sorry for keep on bothering you, but I had one more question. If an organisations' management style is bureaucratic, does it mean that they don't want change? Because one source said that "GM is too bureaucratic and unable to adjust to changing markets" so was wondering...
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    Management transformation?

    Do you know of any businesses/companies who used a traditional/bureaucratic management and failed? or any sources on it
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    Management transformation?

    Thankyou, I'll check it out. Also what is the best way to find such sources/example, because I've tried finding an example of a business whose management transformed from traditional to contemporary, but was having difficulties
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    Management transformation?

    Does anyone know of a business whose management has transformed from traditional/bureaucratic management to contemporary management?
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    finding the length of a semicircle??

    Hello, i am doing some diy and need to figure out how long the pvc pipe should be if I want the height of the semicircle to be 75 if the diameter is 90 cm. From the image, I want to find the length of the red
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    Looking for a volunteering opportunity? We're accepting new applications!

    Do we have to prepare our own teaching material, or are we provided what we will be teaching students?
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    liquidity preference model?

    Could someone please explain the theory of liquidity preference/liquidity preference model? I have searched it up and still don't understand it completely
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    Bernoulli vs Binomial

    Suppose there are 100 students, and each of them tosses a coin 10 times, making 1000 tosses. Consider the random variable Y where Y is Bernoulli with ‘success’ being the outcome the coin is on its edge so that p=1/600. Assume the 1000 tosses are independent Bernoulli trials for Y. What is the...
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    Accounting help

    here is the question, I just don't understand the differences when making journals if we assume it was recorded as a liability/revenue when received and as an asset/expense was paid.
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    Accounting help

    Could someone please explain what it means by: - assuming it was recorded as a liability/revenue when received - assuming it was recorded as an asset/expense when paid. - the company recorded it as a liability/revenue/expense/asset This is in relation to journal entries and adjusting journal...
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    Business Textbook please

    Does anyone know where i can get copies of Gans, Joshua, Stephen King, Martin Byford and N Gregory Mankiw, Principles of Microeconomics, 8th Asia-Pacif edition, 2021, Cengage Learning, Australia Robin Stonecash, Gans, Joshua, Stephen King, Martin Byford, Kris Ivanovski and N Gregory Mankiw...
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    Hi guys, it's been some time and now I'm down to these laptops. Which would you guys say is better/prefer...
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    What is it like?

    Hi, in my other post when I asked for laptops, I'm either getting the aspire 5 or swift 3. But some people have told me that for their price, their processor isn't that good, is this true? Or is it fine and will suffice throughout my course?