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Recent content by myafanatic

  1. myafanatic

    WARNING to all students look for tutors. Most are greeedy, too expensive.

    consultants* And consultants offer their expertise on related fields. Tutors offer their expertise on the HSC. Who is better qualified than someone who just sat the HSC, did well and can communicate their methods clearly? This thread baffles me; the presumption that tutors should tutor out of...
  2. myafanatic

    Awesome! I'll see you at O Week then! :)

    Awesome! I'll see you at O Week then! :)
  3. myafanatic

    myafanatic's raw marks

    Yeah - although I wrote about 3.5 pages for the 5 marker. Thank you! :)
  4. myafanatic

    myafanatic's raw marks

    If I remember correctly I wrote 6 pages for comprehension, 5 for my creative, 8 for my belonging essay, 8 for Module A, 6 for Module B and 7 for Module C. :) @krnofdrg: Thank you!
  5. myafanatic

    Someone who loves english answer please

    Mine was sort of like a reflection (although I don't remember cause I made it up on the spot in the exam), and it got 13.5/15. It was written in second person and was about an immigrant's experiences, sort of flashing between LAX airport and her home in Lagos.
  6. myafanatic

    myafanatic's raw marks

    I've applied to US colleges so I'll find out about those in April, but if I don't get in/go, I'll do a B Arts (Media/Communications) at Sydney. :) Haha not at all - I'm a crammer, and the only study I did was making notes. Aside from that, I did my assessments and listened in class and chose...
  7. myafanatic

    Can I cancel my deferment?

    Hey guys, I recently deferred my enrolment at Sydney Uni because I'm waiting on acceptance decisions from the USA in April, but I'm now thinking I'd like to start uni here regardless. So I just wanted to know: a) Can I cancel my deferment and enrol this year, even though I've already deferred...
  8. myafanatic

    Who has done the SAT's?

    I got 2350 - applied for Brown, Stanford, Harvard, Dartmouth, Columbia, Northwestern, NYU, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Yale, Princeton and Wesleyan. Nervous as hell.
  9. myafanatic

    Dux of your school

    99.9 :D
  10. myafanatic

    Has anyone got an ATAR of 99.90/99.95 without doing Extension 2 maths??

    Yeah I was surprised too! But apparently at the super high percentiles HX doesn't scale too much better while I guess Eco does so... :S
  11. myafanatic

    Has anyone got an ATAR of 99.90/99.95 without doing Extension 2 maths??

    I technically got 99.90 without any extensions, haha. Neither HX or MX1 counted towards my ATAR.
  12. myafanatic

    aphorae's raw marks ~

    Good god you're like my HSC twin almost! Great work :) What was your ATAR?
  13. myafanatic

    Raw Marks + BOS mistake?

    Most likely, you would have been in my cousin's class I think. :) Props to your cohort... you surpassed ours by like 10 ranks!
  14. myafanatic

    Raw Marks + BOS mistake?

    True! Always worth it to check, I hope it gets you some extra marks haha! Did you go to Arden by any chance?