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    Richard the 3rd and Looking for richard notes

    "He commits incest by marrying Lady anne." What, Richard and Anne are related?
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    Can you make up quotes/events for feature articles?

    If the creative writing section asks for a feature article are you allowed to make up quotes and events?
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    anyone have a list of common acids and bases?

    and sorted by strong and weak.
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    are bands calculated before or after scaling

    ? also, are both E3 and E4 are considered equivalent to "band 6"
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    Conquering Chemistry's asterisk questions

    Why didn't they provide answers to those.
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    Wolfram Alpha Free online Integration Tool (excellent resource)

    Re: Wolfram Alpha Free online integrator (excellent resource) anyone know how to do solid of revolution on wolfram alpha
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    Can someone explain the "LIATE" rule

    thanks, u helped me a lot
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    Can someone explain the "LIATE" rule

    For "I" and "T", do they include all other trigonometric functions? Because tangent seems to be more "powerful" than cosine and sine.
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    Can someone explain the "LIATE" rule

    I heard you can use it to determine which functions increases faster as they approach limits. I'm using this for the addition of graphs exercise btw, haven't learnt differentiation of inverse trig and logs.