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I love learning new things, adore challenges and cherish good memories.
I am DYING to travel the world, there's so much to see! Above all, nothing beats family. Love mine with an undying adoration and I'm so blessed to have you!

Reading (LOVE it!); Movies; Designing -- fashion and interior; Shopping. Money just burns a hole in my pocket :p; Meeting new people; An awesome view...I love sitting in front of the beach, love moonlight...I have an intense appreciation for it...(lol it's my path to sanity); Learning about other cultures and traditions is awesome as well.; I'm not really a pet or animal person, but I find snakes
Near Somewhere =)
Custom Subtitle
Why Is This So Short?
Academic Programme
Business Studies, Legal Studies, Advanced English, General Math, Ancient History, and Information Technology
Educational Institution
Political Views
Favourite Music
Pretty open with my music, but I mostly love music that has a purpose; Empowerment etc; old Aguilera music; Indie-Arie; Gospel music; Celine Dion; abit of Tupac; Immortal Technique; Mary J Blige...
Favourite TV Shows
TV? The all loved Simpsons, Project Runway, Little House on the Praire...
Favourite Movies
So NOT going to answer this. It'll take forever!
Favourite Books
A few books I've been reading would be things like; Great Expectations; Jane Eyre; Garden of Beasts; One Shot; Black Diamond
Favourite Quote
"Do Not Be Conformed To This World, But Be Transformed By The Renewal Of Your Mind..." Romans 12:22
I'm not employed hehe =D
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Admin/Secretarial, Advertising/Media/PR/Publishing, Education, Executive/Management, Fashion/Beauty, Legal, Marketing



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