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    ANU law/commerce vs unsw law/commerce

    UNSW Comm/Law. UNSW is a better bet than ANU. Being in Canberra makes it tough for you to build professional links and build experience in either field imo. ANU may have teaching quality as good or better but because of the location, you're better off staying in the state.
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    Should I go to Usyd?

    Do you mind expanding on this a little? As someone who's been to both why do you reckon UNSW Law beats USyd?
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    Jersey names for twins?

    Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
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    Economics Essay Help

    I'm struggling with this question atm. Someone pls halp. Analyse the causes and effects of the current account deficit on the Australian economy. Thanks. CAD sucks :(
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    Economics Review Course

    Bumping for quality.