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Recent content by pigglie

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    What does band E stand for in prelim

    Shit mark, but wanna know what band E is as an band 1 to 6 or is it even lower then a band ?
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    Help General mathematics 2

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    Help General mathematics 2

    12 units, but my school does 3+3 model for the HSC. So at the moment i'm doing general mathematics 2, biology, and SDD and my marks and ranks are roughly the same as maths. I think i'm gonna get a band 1 for those subjects, but due to 3+3 model i got 3 more subjects to do in the second year. Do...
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    Help General mathematics 2

    I have screw up maths, and how bad is it ? Can it be fix from the external exam ? General mathematics 2 Task 1: Weighting 20% Mark 15/50 Task Percentage 30% Rank in cohort 36/42 Task 2: Weighting 20% Mark 13/50 Task Percentage 26% Rank in cohort 38/42 Task 3: Weighting 20% Mark 20/50...