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    Doing Extension 2 Math Year 12

    Yeah legit everyone hypes up the HSC as the most important time of your life but if I could go back I would've 100% gave up study time to go earn money instead or do more extracurriculars rather than gain a couple extra atar points
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    Doing Extension 2 Math Year 12

    For some reason 3u exams felt even easier than 2u HSC and felt really short (cos 4u made the 3u questions feel pretty easy) but I agree that it was more harsh to make silly mistakes
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    Doing Extension 2 Math Year 12

    Skipped a few parts, I think I remember skipping 5-10 marks because I had no time (took too long thinking about stuff)
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    Fail on the selective school exam

    If you're studying well enough to get a 99 ATAR u can get that in the lowest ranked school in the state or the best school in the state. Only difference may be the teachers (however best school =/= best teachers, most of them have tutors).
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    Fail on the selective school exam

    School doesn't affect your atar
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    2022 HSC chat

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    Predicted ATAR and Marks

    You can check how many b6 your school got in each subject and put in approximate marks based on that. E.g. if 3 people get b6 in economics each year you can probably put a 90 into the atar calc for econ. If all 6 people get one for MX2 maybe you can put in a 95 for example.
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    How do you improve handwriting speed???

    Honestly just write messier since they can most likely read it still as they've probably seen the worst of the worst. I could only do like 800 words for essays so I don't really have any other tips. Practising helps so you don't spend as much thinking during exams but I never practiced since I...
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    Should I do Actuarial studies?

    A few hrs each day but it's so hard to do that so I usually end up a few weeks behind every sem and have to cram every final LOL. Also it's especially hard to catch up once 3-4 weeks behind (which always happens somehow) because of assignments + midsems setting you back on catching up. It's so...
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    Should I do Actuarial studies?

    No it's not impossible, I know people who didn't even do 4U and they're doing really well. The maths in actuarial studies isn't even pure maths like high school, it's more statistics, probability, financial maths, etc (which I ended up enjoying more). Also there's a lot of actuarial grads but u...
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    Lockdown thread

    I listen to hardstyle/kpop when studying
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    Subjects for Yr 12

    I'd just do 10 units if you're confident in all of your subjects (that's what I did), avoids the time wasted studying another subject (which scales lower than the ones you chose so you'd need like 95+ in business/IPT for it to even count)
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    study tips + motivation <3

    I guess change your pen and write more to practice, or change your pen grip. I used a really weird pen grip and pressed hard so I could only get like 800 words for each english essay (just an approximation).
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    Transferring From WSU to Macquarie Uni By Next Semester...

    Agreed except that lots of people don't have a passion (including me), and we're just doing a degree that we "don't mind doing". Like for me I don't mind studying actuarial studies but it's not like I have a dying passion for it. Good luck on the transfer, should be fine since the transfer will...