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    ATAR - Would u Rather

    NO schools have access to ATAR data - usually they can find out in the form of an “exit survey” or they can just ask the students. Schools are given all marks by NESA so it shouldn’t be too hard to estimate ATARs based on that. Pretty sure they get more info on your papers (where you achieved...
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    I don’t know what course to do :(

    Single degree nursing is quite a good option - it's a short degree that should cover all the graduate medicine prerequisites, and it lends itself to a vocational job as an RN. If the hospital setting is what attracts you to medicine, then nursing is a great alternative. It can be argued that...
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    ATAR - Would u Rather

    There’s always outliers at the lower end of every school, just that they might be in the 60s and 70s in JR (just based on academic ability to do SOMETHING in the hsc) rather than the * and 30s you’ll see in lower ranked schools. It doesn’t work like this: JR ATARs > Baulko ATARs > Fort St...
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    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    Pretty sure it's exactly like UAC, you can accept the offer and still wait for an offer in the next round. Check with MQ though. I know you can defs do that for the SRS scheme as I accepted 2 different offers.
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    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    I'm not too familiar with how MQ does early entry, but someone I know got a Commerce offer before getting a Com/Law offer in a later round. There are 3 offer rounds so accept your current offer and then hold out for a future offer. Good luck!
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    Scared for Prelim and HSC society and culture

    Hi there! Don't be too worried about year 11 marks as they don't count for your HSC. To start, your teacher seems like they're marking quite harshly - generally people do decent in SAC given they put in a reasonable amount of effort. But if your mini PIP doesn't do too well - that's totally...
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    WSU early entry

    By 'confirming' your offer (accepting), you can hold onto it, but you can let go of it later if you want - does that make sense? If you want to become a psychologist, there is a structure of education you must follow, which is outlined here...
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    failed adv and ext math :(

    Hey there! Don't be too worried - these are just early days are there's heaps of time to improve. Going into year 12, it might be a good idea to consider general maths. Some of my peers (selective) had shocking MX1 results (in the single digit %s) and still managed to get band 6s in general...
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    Required ranking

    Aim for the top (or as well as you can). If you're ~top 3-5 (depending on cohort size) in everything and you'll have quite a good shot at getting a 99+. As canteen has said above^^, don't set arbitrary goals like "aim for 3rd in English" because there is always extra room for improving. Even if...
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    uts law

    Yeah most likely this was way back when the cutoffs were stupidly high because of a lack of transparency (iirc 99.7+). From my cohort last year I know a few people hovering around the low 90s (don't know if they got EAS or not) that nabbed offers from UNSW. I think they were from the January...
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    Need help for getting into dentistry

    Please be wary of "pre-med" or "clinical science" degrees as they don't exactly lead into any field of work. They are usually vague as they cover a wide range of subjects (a bit of chem, phys, anatomy, plus some ~communication and ethics~) in not much detail for the sole purpose of preparing one...
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    What happens if you get a 0 in paper 1 for Year 12 Hscs

    Usually they won't let you sit an "alternative paper" unless you properly file for illness/misadventure - misreading the timetable is not an acceptable excuse. Most likely you'll get an N award warning for not attempting paper 1, and if this is your 1st N warning, you should be in the clear. If...
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    ATAR Estimate

    If you do some extra curriculars you're in a very good position to receive an early offer from MQ! I think the first round of offers comes out soon so keep an eye out.
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    ATAR Estimate

    Yes, in their Leaders and Achievers scheme (not SRS) and they tend to be quite generous with their offers.
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    ATAR Estimate

    Hi there! It's hard to make a prediction without all the information (we'd need number of band 6's per year, maybe grades?) and with small subjects like music ext. However, keep in mind that MQ has an early entry scheme (PLEASE APPLY ASAP) which doesn't require an ATAR - pretty much everyone...