Some autistic kid on the interwebz with a Radiohead and Science special interest. Welcome to my profile! :tongue2:

Custom Subtitle
Radiohead Fan
Academic Programme
English Advanced / English Ext. 1 / English Ext. 2 / Visual Arts / Modern History / History Ext. / Chemistry
Favourite Music
Radiohead, Interpol, Talking Heads, Cardiacs, Franz Ferdinand
Favourite TV Shows
Inside Number Nine, Breaking Bad, those funny Border Patrol shows
Favourite Movies
Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, Stand by Me, Anything by David Attenborough
Favourite Books
The Art of More, The Picture of Dorian Grey, The Plague
Favourite Quote
"Just to let the boat drift and see where it’s going to go. Don’t jump out; just see where it goes."
- Thom Yorke, Kid A Mnesia
Future Plans
Industry Interests
Graphic Design/Multimedia, Science/Biotechnology


📓 English Advanced (I'm madly in love with Mister William Shakespeare.)
📚 Extension English 1 (Advanced the squeakuel)
🖋 Extension English 2 (RIP, I had to drop beloved..(i still go to the classes though. Im a nerd))
🧪 Chemistry (Jesse. Jesse remember to always balance your chemical equations Jesse.)
📽 Modern History (Professional footnote hoarding)
🎨 Visual (f)Arts
📜 Extension History
(By god what is truth)

I would like to study Non-Fiction wirting once I get to University




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