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    Cambridge Complex Numbers Question

    yep, jathu's spot on. Jazz...not so much
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    Carrotsticks' 2017 Mathematics Extension 2 solutions

    Is the answer to the conics one a=+-1, +-1/3? I thought by definition, a>0
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    Graphing 2008 HSC 3 a) iii)

    y=g(x+2) is the graph of y=g(x) translated 2 units left, NOT y=g(-x+2)=g(2-x). In order to obtain g(2-x): Graph g(-x), which you were correct about this, and then translate this graph 2 units right, so it becomes y=g[-(x-2)]=g(2-x). That's the theory behind it, but the shortcut to graphing...
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    Absolute Value Signs, Inequalities and Mechanics

    The truth is in circular motion, the angular 'velocity' w is really angular speed, i.e. w is ALWAYS defined to be > 0. Hence |w| makes no difference.
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    BoS Maths Trials 2017

    Pumped for the challenge haha :D btw doesn't carrotsticks typically organise the bos trials?
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    Curve Sketching Quesiton

    I think it's almost always better to draw the original graph dotted. Drawing the original graph allows you personally to see the relation between the original graph and the transformation better, and is especially important when drawing transformations like y^2=f(x) or y=[f(x)]^2, since the...
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    Should I take 4U Maths for Year 12?

    To be honest I'm not really sure about how the 3rd and 4th unit of 4U work, but this much has to be clear to you: 4U english and 4U maths work completely differently. Say, if you do 4U english, then in year 12, you would be taking advanced, 3U and 4U english, and these 4 units of english would...
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    Should I take 4U Maths for Year 12?

    4U isn't actually as hard as people say it is lol. If you're finding 2U/3U average to easy right now then you should be set for an e4 in 4U (since 4U has ridiculous scaling, even a 60-70/100 raw mark should be scaled to 90+ hsc mark). On the other hand, since you're currently accelerating, i...
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    how many words should I be aiming for 45 minutes???

    For a prepared question, you should be able to write at least 1400 words in 45 minutes. For unprepared, at least 1000 words. That's pretty much the standard if you want to guarantee yourself at least a band 5 since if you write enough, you're pretty much keeping yourself above a certain mark...