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  1. RecklessRick

    How much study is enough?

    4:30 hours of sleep plus this made me cry a lil reading this.
  2. RecklessRick

    Is a tutor necessary to achieve a 99+ ATAR?

    The vast majority of 99+ students I know (including myself) were never tutored
  3. RecklessRick

    transfer into law

    Any course you can combine with law really. What are you interested in?
  4. RecklessRick

    Most prestigious degrees?

    Whilst I agree with you (along with probably everyone else in this thread including the OP), I think it is also interesting to assess what our society deems to be prestigious. There's no reason to totally dismiss the thread as you are doing.
  5. RecklessRick

    Most prestigious degrees?

    To add: Stanford, MIT, Caltech, UC Berkeley, the larger colleges in the University of London, the Sorbonne, Vienna, Trinity in Dublin, St. Andrew's, ETH Zurich. Those are probably the biggest international ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  6. RecklessRick

    Most prestigious degrees?

    For universities: USyd or UNSW, and especially the former in terms of prestige. For degrees: Law and Medicine (an oversupply of graduates for law has been detrimental for the prestige of law, but this has been counteracted slightly by a positive shift in societal perceptions of lawyers caused...
  7. RecklessRick

    SMH article: offers below cutoff

    From what I understand, that's not necessarily the actual reasoning of EAP points. The concept behind allowing extra-curricular performance to compensate for academic underperformance is that those who fall into the category of "elite" have such a large commitment to their chosen sport...
  8. RecklessRick

    Some thoughts on succeeding in Modern History by a State Ranker - Opening Well

    Hahaha, to be honest vocab isn't actually that important. I always liked to use chimerical because Evans talks about Nazi propaganda with that term and it's a pretty good way to describe it really. I could easily rewrite that sentence and have it work just as well though: Whilst the Nazi Party...
  9. RecklessRick

    University of Sydney Roll Call 2016

    Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Economics 1st year
  10. RecklessRick

    Post Your 2016 University Offers Here

    Combined Law at Usyd - the dreeeeaaaaaam
  11. RecklessRick

    IB over HSC???

    This is correct, but the point is that technically every student who does the IB in a single year could get 45 since the score is not a rank. Since this calculates to a UAC rank of 99.95, this essentially means that there's no limit to the number of IB students who get 99.95. In 2014 for...
  12. RecklessRick

    IB over HSC???

    You can do Maths Studies for maths, ESS or sports science for science and standard level beginners Spanish for a language. There's Mickey Mouse subjects in the IB as well. The level of rigour in the HSC curriculum (as with all modern Australian senior curricula) meets the standards required by...
  13. RecklessRick

    Student Start-up Loan

    Do you need it?
  14. RecklessRick

    Some thoughts on succeeding in Modern History by a State Ranker - Opening Well

    That's great to hear mate, keep it up! As I've been trying to illustrate in my post, read as widely as you can, practice your essay technique, and maybe ease off the boredofstudies one-man witch hunts and you should do well at the hsc.
  15. RecklessRick

    Some thoughts on succeeding in Modern History by a State Ranker - Opening Well

    I always did WWI first because you can complete it to full mark standard in far less than 45 minutes which saves you time on other questions. The advantage of doing it earlier is that you can then adjust the length of the rest of your essays with knowledge of how much time you've saved. I...